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Zarfund Nigeria: A Legitimate Bitcoin Earning Source

Zarfund Nigeria And Bitcoin Investments

I know you all must have been searching for a legitimate and cool way to earn bitcoins, trust me you are at the right place. In your searches, I know you must have come across the following like Zarfund Nigeria, Zarfund strategy, Zarfund Website, how to earn with Bitcoins, Zarfund review, how Zarfund works, Zarfund bitcoin, etc. You will get your answers here trust me.
Zarfund is a new budding enterprise that is different from other schemes you have been hearing of. It is a pretty easy and secure way of making money with the most expensive currency in the world- Bitcoins. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency or if you like, a digital currency spent strictly online for transactions, buying and selling of services. Some organizations even accept bitcoins as their mode of payment.

Now, the good thing about this enterprise is you have your own bitcoin “bank” popularly regarded as Bitcoin Wallet. You don’t pay into any central system or any machine that doubles your money or stuff like that… You pay to people’s wallet and you get people to pay into your wallet also.

With Zarfund, you can cash out your money at any time you want. The system requires only 64 people from you to make the highest level, Level 6. That gives you 160 bitcoins, the equivalent of 101,117.44 US Dollars. Imagine that; Just 64 people and you become instantly rich forever! Think about it!

Even if you can only get four people, trust me, those four are going to get two different people each. If you follow those two new people each up, you’ll keep on getting strangers as your downlines until you become rich! Even if you decide to leave after having 16 people under you, you will have already made 830k Naira!

However, this will certainly not be necessary as we have formed a group of likeminded people who want to be the first to achieve level 6 and gain 44.8 million Naira. Together, we will create a lot of spillovers that will push down to our downlines. {Sign up with our referral link here, https://www.zarfund.com/ref/86055a9342/register

P.S: The great thing about using bitcoins is the fact that it appreciates. If you invest in zarfund even without doing anything, your money {in bitcoins} appreciates just like that. You can invest in zarfund today with the $20 required and in a month, your money appreciates according to whatever rates the bitcoin rises to. Experts have predicted in the next 6 months, the bitcoin will appreciate from its current $788 to $3,000-$5,000. How cool is that?!!!

Now the basic reason this Zarfund is so cool is because unlike iCharity, MMM and Ultimate Cycler is you deal with bitcoins and as at the time of writing this post, 1 Bitcoin = 788.85 US Dollars and believe me it is on a steady increase. I actually started in October when it was about 1 bitcoin to 620 US Dollars so even if I decide to keep my profit at this stage, I have made more than I started with.

To start this enterprise, you have to invest 0.03 bitcoin which is 23.67 US Dollars only. Going by the official exchange rate of the Naira to Dollar that should be about 7500 Naira only and by black market rates, approximately 12,000 Naira.

Now how does it work?
• You get referred by a person and you sign up using the person’s link. That person is referred to as your direct upline.
• Then you pay the 0.03 bitcoins into the person’s wallet to upgrade to Level 1. Now after doing that, you refer two people (downlines) also and they pay you 0.03 bitcoins each making 0.06 bitcoins for them to upgrade to Level 1 also.
• You then pay 0.05 bitcoins to your upline’s upline to upgrade to Level 2. At this stage, your profit is 0.01 bitcoin. In the same vein, your downline’s downline (4 of them… 2 from each) will pay you 0.05 bitcoins each when they want to upgrade to Level 2 making 0.2 bitcoins in total.
• You then upgrade to Level 3 then with 0.1 bitcoin having 0.1 bitcoin as profit. That’s already 3x your capital and this can be easily achieved in less than a month.
• This goes on and on till Level 6 where you make 128 bitcoins which is 101,117.44 US Dollars as of the time of writing this post. Isn’t that amazing?

Refer to the image below for your perusal

Zarfund Nigeria
Zarfund Nigeria

A breakdown of this in layman terms is,
-When you have two people under you, you make 21,000 Naira. Then you donate 17,500 to upgrade. Meaning you’ll be left with 3,500 naira
-When your two people get two people each{This means you have 4 people under your downlines}, you make 70,000 Naira. Then you donate 35k to upgrade. Leaving you with 35k.
-When you have 8 people under your downlines, you make 280k, donate 70k and you’ll be left with 210k.
-When you have 16 people under your downlines, you make 1.12 million Naira, you donate 350k and you are left with 770k Naira
-When you have 32 people under your downlines, you make 11.2 million Naira, you donate 700k and you gain 10.5 million Naira.
-When you have 64 people under your downlines, you don hammer be that bros. That’s 44.8 million naira

Now the process is pretty easy,
• Sign up with our fast moving team by clicking on this link, https://www.zarfund.com/ref/86055a9342/register . You can create a bitcoin wallet at https://blockchain.info . It is the best and most secure platform to use.
• You can buy bitcoins from the online store https://localbitcoins.com/ or contact us and we will connect you with our trusted merchants.
• You will have to connect your blockchain wallet with your Zarfund account to be able to receive or send out payment.
• After that, upgrade to level 1 by paying your upline. Click on the upgrade button, copy the Blockchain address of the upline and pay from your blockchain account.
• After that, confirm payment by copying the blockchain wallet of the upline and paste it in the search box of the homepage, search and get the transaction ID and paste it back in Zarfund where it is being requested for to confirm your upgrade.
• To get downlines to register using your link, at the navigation menu, click on “My Link” and then copy the link under “Your referral link to Register Page” and send to them.
• Good news is, even if you don’t have downlines, you could get spillovers from your uplines or uplines’ upline. That is if someone tries to register using their link, since they have two direct downlines already, that person might just end up registering under you.
So what are you waiting for? Send us an E-mail at  oyenugaayo@gmail.com or oluwatomisinoluwafemi@gmail.com or send us a Whatsapp message at +234-706-814-6632.
Our Zarfund Referral link is https://www.zarfund.com/ref/86055a9342/register . We already have a very fast moving chain that is increasing steadily and geometrically. Endeavor to join Zarfund Nigeria and get the best and a smooth sail to a fat bitcoin account. Let’s eliminate poverty together with Zarfund Nigeria!
Our team is formed in Zarfund to assist investors with referrals, so all you basically have to do is join our team and invest . Zarfund is a teamwork platform and we are the leading team in Nigeria. We will be the first Group in Nigeria to produce a plethora of level 6 investors with Zarfund Nigeria.
If you have any questions or you want more information on how to sign up, comment below with your WhatsApp number so we’ll be able to answer you promptly⁠⁠⁠⁠.


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