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Why Many Nigerian Graduates Are Unemployable

The unavailability of work options and chances for Nigerian Graduates area is one that cannot be disregarded . Why? Because to do so will be reckless and very rash. But in the case of being acutely examined, all we get as a response to the issue on ground is that the graduates are not fit for employment. Whether or not they are not employable is a topic for strong argument on ground and is giving both the charger of the offence and the charged an impression that to really clarify this information, it will take a very long time to accumulate. The points below are hinted at clarifying why graduates are not employable.

1. Unavailablity of needed skill

In Nigeria, it is necessary for a graduate to have the ability to pride himself in having a specific skill. Even on the matter of a certificate, a whole lot of graduates have the exact thing to offer even with higher quality grades. Getting ahead of them all what you need to do and how to execute that is by evolving a more solid focal point of learning and developing a skill. Employers are fed up of seeing the same group of people with the same set of certificates and degrees coming for interviews everyday when in fact they need someone to stand out. In this case, you are being held accounted for being unemployable.

2. Love For Fat and Juicy Pay

This is mostly caused by restlessness. The average Nigerian graduate wants to, in a matter of months, build a big house, drive the latest automobile in town, get the finest chicks all at once based on their salary earned. But this is absolutely not so. That kind of wealth is rarely gotten in a short amount of time except ‘other illegal means’ are applied. Accomplishments like that are built over time, persistence, tenacity, diligence among other things.

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3. Low Rated Certificates

This point is pretty self explanatory. A Nigerian graduate who wander the street and tenders a number of applications with a certificate he/she is not proud of might be considered unemployable and probably be a
no-go area for employers even if there are skills. This is is why the years used in a higher institution goes a long way in deciding a graduate’s future.

4. The Pitiable State of Nigeria’s Education Quarter

This factor is known to all Nigerians.

The self acclaimed Giant of Africa once had students from the Dominican, parts of Europe and as far away as Asia to attend our higher institutions. Nowadays, Nigerian students wait endlessly at home waiting for lectures to resume as a result of either national or internal strikes. Imagine a case in which a student stays at home for months or the six month strike that the Academic Student University Union undertook in 2013. The Nigerian Labour Comission wont be allowed to go on strike for days without quick solutions being provided to rectify the situation probably because of proceeds loss on the part of the government but nothing will be done in case of the university union’s strike because of little or no revenue loss.

5. The Impractical Demands of Employers

The requirements of a company trying to hire an undergraduate could be unrealistic at times. Exactly how a graduate is supposed to have four years experience with a minimum age of 27 is somewhat confusing. Under these requirements, it will be difficult to see a graduate that can scale through just for the application.

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