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What Type Of Music Do Nigerians Want

A few decades ago, Nigerians were all about lyrics when they listened to music. All they wanted was lyrical content and not ‘screaming’ on beats. Fast forward to the present, reverse is the case for most Nigerians. Most of us just want to listen to music we can dance to. I remember when i made a mixtape of tracks with slow tempo{Slow songs} and released it, I had mixed reviews on it. Most of the negative reviews were centered on the fact that it wasn’t a mixtape they could dance to and I started wondering if they didn’t see the tracklist before downloading. The next mixtape, however received 95% positive reviews because it was a pure Afro Pop/Afro House/Dancehall mixtape. Then i started wondering why the loss of interest in music with slow tempo and lyrical content.

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Musicians like Banky W, Dare Art Alade, Iyanya have at times been forced to sing dancehall songs so as to keep up wuth the Nigerian demand. Remember when Iyanya won MTN Project fame, sang an R n B song and it didnt blow. I think that was when he realised ‘lyrics o ja owo mo’ and released Kukere which was one of the biggest hits of the year 2012. He hasn’t strayed from that path since he discovered his new found love. Others like Asa, Timi Dakolo, Bez keep to their style of music and their recent tracks aren’t as heard as their dancehall counterparts.

I can’t even find an answer to the question posed above. If it’s only beats Nigerians are listening to then why isn’t the The Afro House Genre that popular with Nigerians? If Reminisce could say, ‘Punchlines o ja wo mo’ {Punchlines aren’t a source of money anymore} then we are sure Dancehall music and Afro Pop is taking over. This was exactly why i laughed when Zule Zoo, the duo that sang hit song ‘Kerewa’ back in 2006 said they wanted to stage a comeback in 2012 with their Traditional genre of music. Some Nigerians say they listen to more of American music because of lyrical content but they don’t know ‘Wish Me Well’ by Timi Dakolo, ‘Satan Be Gone’ by Asa or ‘Orekelewa’ by Dare Art Alade. And they ‘claim’ to love good music

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