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Websites That Can Help You Get a Job Before Leaving School

Right now, we know our country is in a deplorable state in almost all sectors. Ranging from security, power, housing and so on. It is not easy for even PhD holders and first class degree graduates to get jobs currently {this situation is being rectified by universities by offering those students lecturing jobs} let alone the student graduating with second and third class honors. After having taken note of this, you don’t find some kind of part time job or job searching to do in school, before graduating, a situation where you find yourself unemployed is totally your fault. YES. For not being a favorite of the famous Boys Scout motto ‘Be Prepared’ fully knowing the consequences of ignoring such could lead to frustration later on. Today I am here to give you a list of websites where you can start sourcing for a job in Nigeria.


  1. LinkedIn

This is the 9th most visited website in Nigeria as of the time of writing this article. It was founded in 2002 and launched May 5th 2003 and is used for professional networking. LinkedIn is very different from other social networks and websites {that is if it can be called a social network}. It allows for TOTAL professional details that could help in HR persons getting interested in your profile. Information ranging from your background, experience, education, skills, language quota, publications and so on is provided. In fact, on LinkedIn, you can see how many profile views you have accrued {and by who} in the past 90 days which you can use to connect personally to someone in your future job niche.

  1. Jobberman

Jobberman was co-founded by three OAU students during the Industrial Strike action by ASUU in August 2009 {Shows you shouldn’t be idle even during ASUU strike huh}. Among all the websites in Nigeria, it is the 80th most visited website and has been described as West Africa’s most popular search engine and aggregator.

  1. Nairaland Forum’s Job Section

Nairaland is one the biggest forums in the world with 1.5 million registered members. It is owned by Seun Osewa, is the 8th most visited website in Nigeria and ranks as the 1046th most visited website in the world. A website like that is sure to have different kinds of people that can help with jobs. I am an active nairalander myself and I witness at least one testimony every three days on Nairaland’s front page. Being a member, you can easily find and associate yourself with an HR person who can help hook you up to a company later on.


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