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Various Ways Students Make Money in Higher Institutions

Various Ways Students Make Money in Higher Institutions

In every university, polytechnic or college of education, there are different types of students. There are the partying students, the clubbing students, the beggars, the bookworms and a whole range of them. But today, I’d prefer to concentrate on the set of students that combine part time jobs with their studies. We find them usually in every school. Some of them even being scorned or mocked for trying to earn while in school instead of living their lives to the fullest and becoming ‘big boys and girls’. Some view the part time job students as a bunch of lowly people because of what they engage in. I personally believe this set of students are the smartest {Yes, even more than those who take their books seriously} because in Nigeria, they have the best means of surviving if the unexpected happens. However, I am not here today to argue but to enlighten readers on jobs these types of students engage in to make a living while in school.

  1. Printout and Photocopying

Some students buy the photocopying and printing machine because they view it as a lucrative business. High amount of capital is needed, sure, but the gains from the business later overshadow the initial amount of capital. The best time the ‘photocopy and printout’ guys make the most profit is at the beginning of every new session. Freshers coming in doing verification, printing admission letters, registration, making photocopies of the registered documents and sometimes even plagiarism of textbooks {which they know is illegal but still engage in it} A few even expand by converting their ‘office’ spaces into a full blown cafeteria. They are usually found on the ‘motion grounds’ of most schools.

  1. Bulk SMS

People that engage in this form of business are tech savvy and run websites to reach a high number of targeted students on campus. They mostly run it on online platforms like Joomla and co. They are patronized mainly by event planners who wish to invite students to various campus shows, student fellowship ministers to gain more members and a whole lot of other people. In a way they could be classified as PRs

  1. Recharge card retail

Some students resell recharge cards in order to make profit from it after buying from the wholesaler. This type of business is most effective in isolated campuses where there aren’t many available traders.

  1. Past Question Sale

There are students that relate with a lot of higher level students and they quickly get to realize that they have access to past questions from different years that can photocopy and sell at a slightly higher rate thereby making profit. They then capitalize on it by mostly selling the questions to fresh 100 level students and even convince them that all the questions the lecturers bring out in subsequent exams are repeated from past years.

Other types of businesses students engage in to make a living include blogging, repair of laptops and electrical appliances, plaiting of fellow students’ hair {usually peculiar to the ladies}, barbing of hair and even becoming PRs for event planners and popular personalities on campus

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