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Types of Students Mostly found on a Nigerian Campus

Types of Students mostly found on Campus

Nigerian campuses possess a great variety of students and from a personal experience and opinion, I’ll be writing on the types of students mostly found on an average Nigerian campus. The types stated below are just the stereotypes I know of. They are:

  1. Of course, The Bookworms: These are basically the first set of students you would notice on a Nigerian campus. From the first day of resumption you’ll already see them with books either reading on their bed or finding their way to the library to read. These people most times do not have a social life, they barely even cook or spend time in the room. You’ll always find them in a lecture room or their “private apartment” in the library. They go for lectures all day and then at night, set out for night class and then you begin to wonder if it’s the same courses every other person is offering they also are.


  1. The Social ones: The social set of people are the most conspicuous. They seem to know everyone and everywhere and are almost always seen with everyone and everywhere. You find them at social spots in school all the time and are never alone. Virtually everyone, even lecturers, drivers sef know their names. They are never difficult to find.



  1. The Religious Ones: Also called the “SU”. These are the “Jesus’s and Mohammed’s children”. There’s not much to be said about them. From their dressing alone, you would be able to identify them. They are seen with the Bible or Quran almost all the time and some are known for preaching in lecture rooms or in the hostels.


  1. The Cooks: One would think these people came to school to study Food and Nutrition. Their rooms are always giving off aroma of food. What can they not cook? Even if they do not have the necessary utensils to cook with, they will always improvise. One thing you would notice about them is, they barely eat outside. Neither from a bukateria nor restaurant. And even if they get to their hostels as late as 12 midnight, they would still cook and eat.


  1. The “I too knows”: They are similar to the bookworms just that they aren’t always found reading but rather, always found either discussing or arguing. They seem to know everything about any field being discussed and always have cogent points to back up their facts. Majority of these kind of people are often nerds.


  1. The “borrow-borrow”/beggars: These set of people are intertwined. They can beg for your breath even without knowing because it is already part and parcel of them. They normally misuse the words “borrow” and “dash” because they almost never return anything they borrow. These set of people, notice them… They probably come to school with only their clothes and end up borrowing the basic things they should have brought from home.


  1. The Rich-kids: The Rich-kids aren’t hard to notice as from their dressing, down to their diction and to their accessories you shall know them. There are also two sub-categories of such people. Some of them tend to be proud and pompous while some are extremely cool and gentle. Such people are very very reliable when one is broke… Lol!



That’s about the few I can remember about students that can be found on an average Nigerian Campus. Kindly add yours in the comment box and don’t forget to subscribe to our BBM channel or email for more updates.

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