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Types of Lecturers We Have In Nigerian Higher Institutions

Types of lecturers we have in Nigerian institutions

If you were one lucky to gain admission and experience life between the four walls of any Nigerian campus, then you will be able to relate to the title of the topic and it’s contents below. In every Nigerian higher institution be it Polytechnic, University or a College of education, we all have these types of lecturers. Ranging from those who could transform our most favorite courses into hated ones to those who could make our most enjoyable ones to boring courses. Below is a list of the type of lecturers you’ll most likely experience after gaining admission into a Nigerian university

  1. The ‘Impromptu Test’ Lecturers

Lecturers like this usually derive joy when students fail their courses. They come into class quite early on days they know students won’t make it so quickly {Rainy days for example}, look around the hall, do a quick head count and announce a test. After that, doors leading in and out of the lecture hall will be closed only to be opened after the test has been concluded. Sometimes, lecturers like these don’t even carry out another test just because of the joy at the seeming failure of most of their students. They will then use the test that many students didn’t write to grade them at the end of the semester. A few lecturers however, give frequent impromptu tests because of the laziness and nonchalant attitude of the students to their courses.

  1. The ‘babes freak’ lecturers

These type of lecturers just come to lecture halls to come and relate with the female students and probably get numbers from them for future ‘references’. Many lecturers like this are involved in sexual harassment usually when the other party does not comply or give into their demands. Thing is, lecturers like this will lecture students but pay particular attention to the females. Anytime a female student with an exceptional behind or a pretty one walks in, they’ll make a comment or probably make an action that sparks up a reaction from the already seated students.

  1. The ‘Lecturing’ lecturers

These ones can make your most favorite course seem so boring. Like horribly boring. Lecturers like this will decline to use the sound system and talk only to the students in the first few front rows. They usually go like ‘There is no need to use microphone to speak to you guys. Back in my days, we used to wrestle just to sit down at the front row seats. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t. Your generation is a very lazy one. If you like, come to the front here to come and hear me. If you don’t come to the front. Your GPA will tell at the end of the semester.’

This speech is usually accompanied by the grumblings of students who realize they may not have constant notes through the semester and have to read themselves to understand the course.

  1. The ‘Hustling’ Lecturers

This particular set of lecturers teach well but their functions become well known to at the end of the semester after results have been compiled. They will then send a message to the students through their course representatives that they need their palms greased in order for them to pass.

  1. The ‘Story Telling’ Lecturers

Lecturers like this would start well but halfway into their lecture, they’ll give us a story of how they missed a job opportunity or how they started fully understand chemistry the day H2SO4 burnt their fingers or some other story like that. This usually goes on till the end of the period, the students go behind schedule in the course and the lecturers need extra classes to keep up.

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