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Tips for Writing on Project Topics and for Project Defense

As we all know, writing on project topics is an essential part of most courses’ curriculum in Nigerian Institutions and as is it considered a “GP booster”, it could also pose great challenges for the students taking them. Project topics are very often written by final year students but in some very rare cases and tertiary institutions, students write on them in their penultimate year in their respective tertiary institutions.

Project topics are sometimes allocated to the students by their supervisors and in other cases, the students are allowed to pick topics of their own choice. In either case, these topics are always based on the field of study of the students and they are thereby expected to prepare a kind of textbook about the topics they have chosen or been allocated to. During the course of the writing, the progress of the students is closely monitored by their supervisors and corrections are made when necessary.

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As easy as it sounds, many students still have great challenges preparing their projects. These problems range from insufficient content to poor organization of chapters and most times they are being sent back virtually all the time by their supervisors. Here, we shall list some basic tips needed when writing project and during the defense. Some of them are:

  • Seek Advice from Senior Colleagues

    Experience they say, is the best teacher and truly it is as it is the first and best approach to solve glitches with project write-ups. Meeting senior colleagues, especially those who recently went to the phase of project writing and defense will go a long way in helping a student have a hitch free project writing and defense. Find out all probable mistakes you can make and how to avoid them, things to do to earn extra marks and so on. This method would surely go a long way in easing the students’ work.


  • Avoid Copying Straight from the Internet

    Anytime students have assignments, thanks to the Silicon Age we are in now, our first place of help is Google. Many students make the mistake of copying project works straight from Google not knowing that project supervisors scrutinize project works a lot and have a way to find out if the work wasn’t plagiarized. Even if you want to make use of the internet, get ideas from there and put them down in your own words and understanding and if you are at liberty to, add references.


Prior to the day of the defense,

  • Familiarize yourself with your Project Work

    This part entails not just familiarizing one’s self with the project work but also getting yourself for possible questions that might be asked by your supervisors. Study each chapter well, know your keywords well also because questions as simple as definitions of terms used might be asked. And not to be caught unawares, do not limit your scope of preparation to the project topic alone. Some supervisors can be funny and ask outside the scope of the work.

On the day of the defense,

  • Dress Corporate

    “The way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed.” In your own best interest, dress corporate and smart as that will tell the supervisors you are serious and ready for them in any way they come.


  • Be Confident

    While speaking, gesticulating, explaining, try as much as possible to sound confident and convincing but not cocky or arrogant. Supervisors love those who seem sure of what they have done and can defend it so well. They do not waste time in passing such people.

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That’s all we have for now, if you have any suggestions, complaints, additions or subtractions, kindly let us know in the comment box below. Thanks



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