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Tips On Career Building For Upcoming Artistes

Every artiste wants his/her music heard. But many don’t know the right way to go about it. Some think it’s by doing jingles for various DJs. Others think it’s by online publicity alone. Here, I want to outline ways that could help in moving an artiste from the upcoming artiste category. But first, let me say this… If you are into music for

hustle {Not because you have talent} so you can make some money and you are hoping to blow, let me advice you, kuku comot now so you won’t waste any more money on studio recording or on the mixing and mastering engineer. The music market isn’t what it was back then in 2006. Then we could count the number of artistes but now, the market is
too damn large for people to notice all. What i want to point out below is how you can stand out from other upcoming artistes and maybe even create a fan base.

1. You need a lot of money

My brother, na so we see am oh. The root of all problems is what helps to build your career as an artiste. That’s why i said above that if you’re moving into music so you can “blow by chance” and make some money, stop now so you won’t waste resources that can be used to build up another hustle. However, how is money needed in the equation? It’s expalined in my next point.

2. Creating a well planned budget for enough publicity

With enough dough, you’ll get the right kind of publicity. Thing is, publicity is all-rounder. Online publicity, PRs, Radio Airplay, DJs {Both club and street DJs} and as the track progresses, a video. Keep in mind that a dope track that doesn’t receive publicity will die a natural death. I’ll explain the importance of each of the following publicity measures.

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a. Online publicity ====> We are in the age of computers. A lot of Nigerians have access to the internet. Uploading of your tracks to top sites in Nigeria will give it some publicity. Believe it or not, there are people that will download your track even if they don’t know you for reasons perharps best known to them. To do this, you need your track uploaded on at least three top sites in Nigeria with large fan bases.

b. PRs ====> When people check for tracks online, they only want to hear songs by Olamide, Wikid, Davido and so on. Very very few of them know you. Now you need to give them a reason to download your track. This is where PRs come in. The PRs are the ones that persuade people to download your track from all others. They are the craziest in the chain of publicity. Lol. They BC your track day and night on BBM, W hatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and whatever social media they are active on. They exactly know how to get people’s attention. They could be expensive at times.They best way to get PRs are meeting up with top bloggers like Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija, The CHNG Blog and so many others. They also help your track being uploaded on other blogs at times.

Note: Keep in mind that there are lots of scammers online and the best is to get the “contact us” info from the website or blog.

c. Radio Airplay ====> Some people have access to the internet or particularly don’t enjoy it. Like the older population, little children and the working population {Usually when driving to and from their places of work} I can’t really talk much on this arm of publicity because I don’t have a lot of links in this area. But I’d recommend paying for at least three-month packages on four top radios in the metropolis close to where you are based.

d. DJs {Club and street DJs} ====> A DJ is always needed in proving to people that your tracks can be grooved to and enjoyable. Tracks like Expensive S**t, Osinachi Remix and Woju can’t normally be grooved to until a DJ plays them and increases the tempo. Club DJs play your track to party rockers until it gets noticed. Streets DJs however, make mixtapes that are usually uploaded online and downloaded by many. If your track is included, it’ll be downloaded when people notice it and check up the tracklist. Street DJs could sometimes be contacted for Industry mixtapes on top sites. I myself have downloaded tracks from mixtapes because i enjoyed them. But the thing was the DJs always made the track “sweeter”

3. Getting signed on to a label

When you get signed onto a label, you automatically do not need to publicise yourself or particularly need money as listed above. The label takes care of that. Having good online presence is a great way that might get you signed onto a good label. Ask Korede Bello or Reekado.

Bonus Point For Higher Institution students only

Meet up with different schools’ SUG social secretaries {Including yours}, different bloggers local to their respective schools and event planners in schools so you can be invited for different shows to get you noticed. You however need to be highly mobile for this to be effective

With my above points, I believe any upcoming artiste should be on the way to fame after applying these measures smartly. With time, you’ll surely get recognized.If you still aren’t after a long period of time, my brother/sister, contact the customer care of your village witches to see if they still have active subscription on your head.

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