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Tips for Making Good Grades on Your Internship

Internship or generally known as IT is a scheme initiated into the tertiary education curriculum mandatory for students to participate in, most times in their penultimate years in the University or in the case of Polytechnics, after their National Diploma Programme. The students who majorly participate in this scheme are majorly students belonging to the Faculty/College of Technology, Environmental and Design Management, Biological Sciences participate at times. The Faculties or Colleges that deal with practical knowledge and laboratory experiments are those majorly who send out their students for IT.

IT is a scheme that gives students hands on and practical work experience of what they have done or learnt during their stay in their respective tertiary institutions. They apply for job placements just like regular job seekers but for the position of an intern. Most Organizations give easy employments to interns as many of them do not pay the interns salaries but could use extra hands around the workplace so they approve applications from interns relatively easily.

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So, this so called Internship sounds fun, you get to work for about 6 months. No school work, no classes, no assignments, tests and all that but don’t forget, it adds to your GPA and consequently to your CGPA. How then does one make the best out of it and get good grades from this Internship?

Below are few tips that can help you make good grades on your Internship. They are:

  • Get Employed in a Top Notch Organization

    Well, getting employed in a top notch organization like Google, Facebook and the likes doesn’t guarantee good grades but then it gives you leverage over others that get employed in basic organizations like banks, hospitals, etc. Getting employed in a top notch organization gives your supervisor the assurance that for the organization to have employed you, you have to be good and even if you aren’t at the time of employment, the organization would have definitely impacted you positively and added value to you.


  • Get employed for a Job that matches your Course of Study

    Students, out of frustration of not getting a place of employment or getting a job that pays well, they tend to settle for just any job forgetting the main purpose of the Internship is not just the money but the knowledge and the experience. Getting employed for a job that doesn’t match your course of study doesn’t only rob you of the required knowledge and skills to be learnt but also has a negative effect on your CGPA because it will not go down well with your supervisor to know you worked in a field you are not supposed to.


  • Maintain a good Code of Conduct at your Workplace

    Maintaining a good conduct is a necessity at your place of work as they serve as your saving grace whenever your supervisor reaches out to the organization and asks about your performance there. Leaving a good impression about yourself in the workplace not only helps you during the period of your internship but also when you come back after graduation seeking employment.


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  • Seek Advice from Senior Colleagues

    Seeking advice from senior colleagues would definitely go a long way in helping you apply for internship correctly, know what to and what not to do during the period of your internship and also how to go about the IT defense.



That’s about the tips we have for now. Let’s have yours in the comment box below. Thanks


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