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Tips For Securing Admission into Higher Institution In Nigeria

1. Demand to see the JAMB result of your ward/sibling. Securing admission first of all starts from the score. If it is too low, then the options for either considering a private university, changing the most preferred institution or changing the course applied for come in. The quick decision in determining which higher institution {polytechnic or university} is compatible with your score helps in securing admission from an early stage.

2. Measure your possibilties and if necessary, be more conscious of happenings, news about JAMB and have more information on higher institutions. A low score limits options for admission but still you need to be informed on the options you have. A high score gives better options but you also need to know how you can utilise those options best. We can never say what will happen. A 99 percent possibility still has a 1 percent impossibility, no matter how small

3. Most higher institutions prefer to admit students that chose them as first choice. Be it Polytechnic, University or a College Of Education. Universities especially dont listen to anyone who picked them as second choice. They even get angry with you. Sometimes, JAMB sends only the applicant list to a university based on who picked them as first choice. Be very wary on this.

4. The less likely it seems to be admitted into a university, the more necessary for you to rely more on trying out a polytechnic.The cut-off marks for a polytechnic are generally lower. Hence the need for relying more on a polytechnic.

5. Play safe by choosing a university or polytechnic in the state where you hail from. This tactic is used by universities to swell the number of students in the area. Apart from having a higher probability of being picked, there is also a chance of paying lower fees when admitted as some universities charge higher fees for non-indigenes.

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6. Once the choice of higher instituion has been picked {Do not forget that you need to choose where you have the best chances of getting admitted} it is best to link up with a student already there so as to be informed on current news going on in the school. Preferably someone in the department you applied for. Make sure to constantly call your contact from time to time. Ask about the cut off marks for your department, how much the estimated school fees could be; infact, anything that makes you seem serious. Frequently disturb your contact with calls.

7. Keep tabs on the Post JAMB date. This point is actually very very necessary. So many times, higher institutions have changed the dates for their post JAMB without applicants knowing. Thing is, they wont notify you. And this is introduction into life in higher institution. You do everything yourself. Every information gotten will be by yourself. I remember during my time, I was having my post JAMB on a Tuesday. The Friday before i was to have my post JAMB, I was pestered by my father to check again the date for the exam. I considered it very unnecessary and my father as being ‘overserious’ but lo and behold, when i checked again, the date had been shifted two days later.

8. Do ensure that your name comes out in the first batch of admitted students. In Nigeria, the real chances come for those who are in the first and second lists. The third or supplementary list isfor those who ‘know their way’. That is to say they have tried other means of gaining admission.

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