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TheMcHub Trivia and Giveaway- Episode 1

Here you have it, the very first episode of our give away. We have this murder case before you Sir/Ma, Kindly solve it by commenting your results, findings and reasons in the comment box below. Pls, state your reasons because anyone could simply guess and get them right. Here you go…

  • Detective Thomsyne had just finished examining the body of Janet Doe which was lying on the couch of her well furnished sitting room.
  • “Mrs Doe was hit on the back of her head 3 or 4 times with the butt of that pistol”, the forensic analyst said to Sheriff Haywire and Detective Thomsyne in private. The 0.45 caliber pistol lay on the floor next to Mrs. Doe’s body.
  • Sheriff Haywire picked the gun up and was dusting the pistol for fingerprints.
  • “I’ve called her husband at work and only told him to come home. I hate breaking bad news. Will you do it?”, the Sheriff said to the Detective.
  • “I’ll do it”, said Thomsyne as he watched Mrs Doe’s body been wheeled out of the house into an ambulance.
  • As the ambulance was leaving, Mr. Doe arrived in his car, came into the sitting room and asked, “Where is Janet?” “What happened?”
  • “I’m sorry to have to tell you that she was murdered about three hours ago”, said Thomsyne. “Your househelp found her dead after getting back from the market and called the Sheriff.”
  • “I can’t find any fingerprints on the gun”, said the Sheriff. “I’ll send it down to the lab”
  • Mr. Doe’s face flushed as he got angry and said, “Please find the murderer that clubbed Janet to death, I’m putting up a reward of 1 million Naira reward!”
  • “Save your money”, said Thomsyne. “The murderer won’t be hard to find.”

Why did Detective Thomsyne say so? Who do you think was the murderer and state your reason(s). The clock is ticking people… Get crackin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could be the first lucky winner…

Kindly post the answers in the comment box below.

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  1. D husband… How did he know she was clubbed if he didn’t even see d body..

  2. makinde kikiire...otto von mankind

    Uhm, this is obviously an hypothetical case…I feel the sheriff is the murderer…because first of all, the first experienced expert of criminal scenes to be called was the sheriff…secondly, its expcted that he should be with his gun to the scene of crime, of which as a result, he would be the only one at home with the house maid, thirdly, its more apparent that the culprit is the sheriff because circumstance does not permit him to clean the gun used since its not in.the mud…an experienced killer can think of such abrupt means to obstruct further research through the cleaning of the pistol..and lots more…lastly, every single statement of the sheriff procreates logical doubt and suspicion about him….thanks.

    • It was hypothetical bro, you were right but the hypothesis didn’t really involve analysis. The answer was in just one comment {Or preferably a slip of tongue from the husband. I however love your analysis. It was very insightful

  3. I think its the husband because he knew something had happen to his wife without being told when he got home.

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