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Teleportation and Quantum Teleportation

For the lovers of ‘Star Trek’- the movie, this is for you.  You’re late for school and you have this huge test coming up… You don’t see any bus approaching then you activate some things on yourself and zaaaappppp… You’re in school! Cool huh?! Or you travel for hours and on getting to your destination you realize you left your purse… Activate those things again and zaaaappppp… You’re home, you get your purse, and ….zaaaaaaaaaaapppp! You’re back! Super cool, innit? Now all these might seem so much fun but only if we all know what it takes to make these kinda things possible. Tons and tons of work! Now this disappearing and re appearing of a thing has a name. It’s called Teleporting.

What is Teleporting?

Teleporting is simply the movement of matter and or energy from one point to another without physically moving through the said distance. We see this in so many fiction books, movies and regular TV shows. Some people might think that isn’t possible  but sorry to burst your bubble….. Teleporting is possible! And for Star Trek lovers, sorry to burst yours too…. Teleporting is not possible for humans just yet- though we’re getting close. As of now, the only kind of teleporting that can be done is Quantum Teleportation.

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Quantum Teleportation.

Quantum Teleportation is the transfer of quantum information between two locations which have previously been “entangled” through much coded systems.  It is a very complex system which basically involves transportation of quantum information.  For example, the exact position and motion of a particle. Quantum teleportation has majorly been successful with the quantum states of photons. This is first done by creating an entanglement between the teleportation point and the photon’s destination. That entanglement is done by creating a ‘quantum channel’.  This is the path through which the qubit, which possesses the quantum information of an atom, will travel. The teleportation also requires the establishment of a classical communication link because two classical bits would be required to accompany the qubit, serving as a medium. This form of teleportation still has its limitations. In an atom, only the qubit is transferrable but the physical matter consisting of the nucleus and the electrons are untransferrable. Simply put, only energy can be teleported and not matter.

Teleportation Simplified…

A simple way of putting the long scientific explanation of the process of teleportation of humans, if possible, is…

  • The matter (human body) and their data which is the DNA are first broken down to access the atoms. It is a destructive process which technically means killing the person.
  • To do this, the position and momentum of each particle has to be determined which totally goes against Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle which is yet to be disproved.
  • The matter would have to be scanned, broken down and transferred within a very short period of time to avoid constructing a dead person at the other end.
  • To do this, large amount of bandwidth is needed as 1027 bits of data are required to be able to assess and specify correctly the position and destination of each atom in the human body. That amount of data is approximately 10,000 times the amount of total storage capacity on all computers worldwide.
  • Then, the assembling of the body parts at the desired destination must not take time at all because while some other body parts are still being constructed, those that have already been will start to die while the construction of the other parts are still on- going.
  • To cap it all up, all these might be possible but there is no assurance that it’s the same “you” as a person that will be recreated at the other end. Personality, attitude and co.

So, Star Trek lovers, we aint there yet… For those who think its impossible, we’re getting there. Lovers of Star Trek, believers of the impossible, unbelievers of the impossible…. Sit tight… Y’all gonna be shocked.  Science is going crazzzzy!

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