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Success Secrets of Intelligent Students in Higher Institution

Everyone has his/her own perspective of the meaning of an intelligent student. Some say an intelligent student is someone who can cram the word in a book in a short amount of time. Others say an intelligent student is one that can read and retain what he has learnt even after a long period of time. Some think intelligence is best measured by test performances, a student who has the best ideas or even the one with the best photographic memory. But they all have one thing in common no matter how they retain what they study: SUCCESS. Below are some of their secrets and how they manage to remain on top in terms of performance.


  1. They are pushed by the will to Succeed

It is in their best interests to be the very best in their fields. They aren’t swayed by other things on campus that can make them lose focus and drive them on the wrong path. They push themselves to their very best. Healthy competitions are also encouraged among a lot of them as thy form educative groups on campus.

  1. They aren’t a Judgmental Lot

They don’t talk about other people. Once someone they know makes a mistake, they don’t automatically become the ‘I told you so’ type. They instead learn from the mistakes of others.

  1. They are Always Positive about The Future

Intelligent students don’t brood on what they don’t have or know but instead fix their minds on the things that go in their favour and improve upon it.

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  1. They Never Stop Learning

Reading is one of their main hobbies. Always on the quest for new knowledge to better themselves. Simply because they don’t want to be like others. Take for example, the Ex- President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo. Even in his 70s he was still in school learning. That’s why he’s been able to keep up with matters in the country and speak out his mind on current issues. According to some scholars back in the past, they say the day anyone stops learning is the day he/she starts to die. Intelligent students understand this and don’t want to join the large set of people that go down this lane.

  1. They Have A Vision

They know why they want to learn. They have their goals set already. What they want to achieve In the years to come. Short-term goals and Long-term goals are all part of their agenda. They understand that they need to maximize their potential. High expectations of themselves in terms of quality and quantity of their work is always there.

  1. They Are Disciplined

They know when it is the right time for them to read, they wont procrastinate.

  1. Giving Up Isn’t an option For Them

‘Impossibility’ isn’t in their dictionary. Any obstacle they face, they deal with it squarely and get past it. They know that quitting is not even an option for them at all because behind every tough question lies a great answer. So it’s an opportunity to get a whole load of knowledge. They surround themselves with people who can motivate them into succeeding. People who can positively influence them.

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