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Types Of Students Found In a Lecture Room

A lecture hall is filled with different types of people. The unserious type, the nonchalant type, the serious students, over serious ones, those who just want to advertise or sell goods and services and the list goes on and on and on. We have all met these types of people at different times. Especially those who attend public higher institutions. I just want to give graduates a reminder of what they experienced in school, private higher institution students {most of who didn’t experience what we experienced} how it is in public higher institutions and current students a reminder of what they will still experience in the Mondays to come.


  1. The Set of Students That Seldom Make it to Class Early

They are always present in every lecture hall. They make It to class about thirty minutes to the end of a lecture. The best way to identify them is by observing where they sit and their appearance at the time. They are usually sweaty, always sit at the back. They don’t have their jotting pads with them either. They just want to make an appearance, write their names in the attendance sheet and don’t want to be seen as part of the lazy crew. These set of students come in through the back door. Sometimes when caught by the lecturer it could be a disaster for them. I remember when I was in 100 level, a day after my matriculation ceremony, I was late for class and since there was no back door, I decided to come in through the window. The lecturer caught me and shouted, ‘Hey you! Come here’. Blood rushed through my veins as I remembered stories of lecturers getting students’ names and their matriculation numbers and failing them at the end of the semester for various offences. I had taken about five steps toward the lecturer when students at the back close to me advised me to run. I was confused. Then i heard the lecturer call me again. Again came the advice of running away. Luckily, this lecture hall was a big one that occupied about 2,000 students. I made a quick calculation, concluded the lecturer couldn’t get me if he wanted to. My hoodie was on so very few people could identify me. I also remembered this Indian movie ‘Three Idiots’ and that gave me inspiration that this lecturer man was waiting for me to fall into his trap and give him my name and my matriculation number so he could fail me. Imagine, a four-unit course. My conclusion was ‘As a sharp OOU boy, wetin go come go come, I must escape this man today’. I took a few steps backward and ran back through the same window while the man was shouting for me to come. As I jumped through the window, I heard a round of applause given to me by the students who liked the way I escaped the man. I got away with it and made a ‘B’ in the course

Note: Don’t try this at school. It might not work for everybody

  1. The set of students who are Over-Early to Class

This set of students always make it to the first five seats in the lecture room. Mostly common in 100 level when they still have the energy {When 100 level results come and they see ‘E’ or ‘F’ decorating their results they will calm down in 200 level}. If you like, come by 5am for a lecture that will hold 7am, you will see them already seated. They are considered over-serious by other students. The annoying aspect of these guys is that they book space for their friends by fixing their bags in unseated spaces at the front rows and claim their friends are about to make it to class. Back then in my 100 level, there were irate guys who slapped anybody that tried stuff like that {OOU Boys aren’t very normal 🙄 }

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  1. The Set of Students Just out to Ask Questions

These ones just come and ask questions when lecturers are dictating notes because they can’t hear him well even with the speakers and megaphone. Some also ask questions as if they aren’t in school at all. Questions asking what course they were having by mid-semester. Like they didn’t start offering the course with you from the beginning of the semester 😕 .

  1. The attendance Crew

This type is usually tackled by lecturers. They just make appearances to appear in the attendance sheet and leave as soon as their names are written. Some even tell their coursemates to write their names for them and don’t make an appearance at all. Steps sometimes taken by lecturers to curb this menace is by mentioning every name on the list and asking them to confirm their presence.

  1. The Church Fellowship Crew

The last but not least, is the church fellowship crew. They make it to the lecture room just to advise you to attend their church. They get your number and ask you to become a member {If you know TLT fellowship, lemme see you put your hands up}. I was once done with lectures and approached by a girl I was eyeing to chyke during lectures. As I saw this girl looking at me and coming towards me, I was like ‘Kai, I don hammer! See as babe wan toast me… Na so I fine reach?’ She greeted me, asked me my name; I told her. The next thing she said was, ‘Brother DJ Haywire, have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior?’ It was then I knew this girl wanted to win my heart. Not for herself but for Jesus. We talked about Christian stuff for a while and she collected my number and called me throughout the semester to attend her fellowship… This was a girl’s number I would have slapped two of my friends to get an hour earlier. Well, I didn’t attend her fellowship for once as I already had one I was attending at the time. Never again, did I get entangled with a church fellowship crew student.

If you feel there’s any other type of student you meet in lecture rooms I didn’t mention you can make an addition.

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