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Why Students Carry Out Examination Malpractices

The repercussions of cheating when caught in an examination hall or even a test could be disastrous. The most common repercussions of malpractices are expulsion from the school, suspension or even rustication. There is actually no advantage of malpractices as nothing is gained or learnt. Besides, when caught, there is a record of cheating on the student’s file which is not a positive report. To tackle malpractice, methods like counselling the student caught, taking very strict measures of punishment, applying the method of different types of examination papers should be taken. However, students cheat for different reasons. Some of them will be examined below.

  1. The ‘I must Be The Best’ Mentality

There are students in the class that want to maintain their position as the best in the class. Sometimes, they find out that their mates are getting better grades than them while cheating and it makes students that study hard to pass like them idiots. So they start devising methods on how to cheat. At other times, it could just be frustration as they cannot find a way to beat the best in their field and resort to exam malpractice.

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  1. Not preparing adequately for examinations

Some students for reasons best known to them don’t like studying before exams {Or probably anytime at all} and resort to using ‘chips’ to pass. This set of students don’t want to make an ‘A’ or ‘B’. All they want to do is pass. They sometimes implicate good students in the exam halls by passing their ‘chips’ under their seats after using the ‘chips’. Repetition of this behavior is in their blood. They will never stop malpractice until a final end is put onto it. For example, expulsion from the school. This could be caused as a result of poor attendance in lectures. When exams are just a few days away, they realize the consequences of what they have done and look for a way to get through.

  1. Volume of textbook and handouts to read

Sometimes, students could be discouraged when they see how large the books they want to read is. The thing is the learning systems places more importance on passing tests and exams than the actual learning a student does itself and the studying of the work done gives one a lot of trouble. As a result of rushing of semester schemes, there will be poor evaluation of work done during the semester, poor teaching tactics by the lecturer and rush of tests and exams by the school calendar. When such a student considers all this, they view the best option to pass as cheating.

  1. Coming across the occasion to cheat

In an exam, there could be occasions to cheat successfully. It may be the case of the lecturer who has been observing the hall carefully, leaving to answer a phone call or when a student nearby didn’t take care to secure his work thereby exposing it to you. There will always be enticement to gain a few more marks and cheat

  1. Nonexistence of instructions and rules

Students that view malpractice as something that is regular are always likely to cheat. And the nonexistence of rules make it easier for them to carry out their practices since they have the belief that no one will chide them.

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  1. This post spoke to me. Awesome post but you made it seem like students cheat by mistake. I actually wrote something a bit similar on my blog. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the post, Paul. As for your observation, it could swing in that direction but I feel for every student that cheats, there’s a reason. But all things being equal, cheating is not good.

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