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Why You Shouldn’t Cheat in JAMB

JAMB stands for Joint Admission Matriculation Board. It is a Nigerian entrance exam board for tertiary-level institutions. It can be taken only once a year and has a grade range of 0-400.

A lot of people fail this much dreaded exam every year and as a result not being qualified for tertiary-level institutions’ requirements. This is as a result of a lot of factors like inadequate preparation for the exam and improper grading by the  grading machines {as widely suspected in the 2016 exams}. As a result of this, students resort to cheating in JAMB, the most security-monitored exam in Nigeria.

This is a very bad step to take. For one, UTME is not easy to predict unlike the WAEC examinations which you can checkmate. So, carrying ‘chips’ into the examination hall is out of the question. You also cannot rely on external ‘expo’ because JAMB has different types of examination questions {the questions are reshuffled in different types}. The penalty for cheating in the exam include imprisonment for 3-5 years or a fine of 50,000 naira or both. You now see why trying to cheat can’t pay. Besides, there are lots of scammers that claim to help with JAMB malpractices.


The best thing to do when preparing for the exam is to check the brochure. When the form is obtained, there is a CD given to you. Going through the disc would give better understanding of how questions are set and what to study for the examination. JAMB lists the topics for every subject from which the year’s questions will be set. Sometimes, literature books to study are included {Use of English is done by all students}. A lot of people don’t know this and end up stranded in the exams. During my time, we were asked to read The Potter’s wheel and one other book I can’t remember in the brochure. A lot of people didn’t know this and ended up weeping.


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