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Schools in Nigeria that Harbor A Lot of Confraternities

Confraternities in Nigerian schools…

We all know schools in Nigeria have this problem but there are some schools that particularly experience cultism more than others. These schools will be listed out and the severity of their cultism cases explained.

  1. Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma {AAU}

AAU ranks highest on this list. This is a school rocked severely by cult wars which lead to deaths of members. They do count members by indicating certain ‘heads’ were dropped. In my opinion, I consider this school the most ridden with cultists {I used to think it was UNIBEN} No less than 65% of the school’s population are cultists. Dominating confraternities there are The Black Axe Confraternity {Aiye}, The Supreme Eiye Confraternity, The Alora Sealords {Buccaneers} and The Vikings. A lot of students are highly disturbed and threatened in this school to become cultists.

  1. University of Benin {UNIBEN}

This school that has churned out a lot of world class graduates sadly falls in this category. The Black Axe Confraternity {Aiye} hails from this school. The cult was created in the 1980s. I don’t know about now but then in UNIBEN you couldn’t gain ‘respect’ and reputation without joining a cult. It was that bad. The society almost cutting you off with the fellow Jew Men {Name given to those who weren’t cult members}. As a result of that at a time, at least 80% of the school’s male population were cultists. The female population wasn’t excluded as they formed different confraternities of their own like the infamous Black Bra and Daughters of Jezebel. UNIBEN ranks second in this list

  1. Delta State University, Abraka

Another South South located university that houses cultists. Not much can be said about them except for the fact that they severely challenge the top two universities in our list. In fact, they should be ranked first but judging from recent situations, we just had to relegate them to third.


  1. Olabisi Onabanjo University {OOU}

When you say the name OOU, people don’t give much regard to it. But when the university’s former acronym, OSU is mentioned, recognition for its confraternities’ ‘exploits’ is earned. Currently the school with the highest level of cultism in South West Nigeria although it has been reduced considerably by the new VC, Saburi Adesanya. Cultism is now being reduced by admitting younger students and more females as they are less likely targets for cultism.  When at the top of it’s game back then, few students union officials were killed, lecturers dragged out of lecture halls by cultists or ambushed at their homes and murdered and students shot at random locations. The areas from which the students emerge from and the city where its located doesn’t help either. Part of the problem stems from the fact that most students live off-campus although school hostels have now been created

  1. University of Port Hacourt {UNIPORT}

UNIPORT too have had their own share of cultism over the years. Though it seems to have significantly reduced over the years.

  1. Lagos State University {LASU}

They made major news when Damino Damoche was killed years ago. Many speculate that it was as a result of cross-confraternity though the change of confraternity hasn’t been verified as both members of the cults eulogized him. The murder of a celebrity brought the school into bad light and LASU was seen as a school that harbors a lot of cultists. However, that is not entirely true. The level of cultism there is just same as any other school

  1. Moshood Abiola Polytechnic {MAPOLY}

The top polytechnic on this list. They may not have deserved the top spot on this list {AUCHI Poly should have ranked top on this though} but owing to the lack of experience I have had with polytechnics and the numerous friends I have had from the school, they will just have to take the top spot. MAPOLY too has had its share of cultism over the years and is still having the problem.

  1. Tai Solarin Univeristy {TASUED}

The former college of education turned university also have problems with confraternities. A few years ago their deputy Vice chancellor, Olusoga Olusanya was kidnapped by suspected cultists. Though later released two days after. The vicinity in which the school is located, Ijebu Ode also compounds the problem as many local cultists reside there {Close in proximity to OSU}. They rank well on this list but still I have heard reports of them reluctant to mess up with even ordinary OSU students who cross their path


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