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A Quick Insight into Noetic Sciences

Ever wondered how these magicians control things with their hands?  Or how those Asians in movies sit on a mat and later end up floating? Or how ‘motherconfessor’ confesses people in ‘Legend of the Seeker’? Or how Max and Phoebe in the TV series ‘The Thundermans’ perform their telekinesis moves? I’m sure you have lots of examples of the sort but to tell you, those things you see on TV are merely acted. They are portrayed as the use of the mind and hand movements or other gestures to control a ‘subject’ which is still all fake simply because they are merely acted.

However, science has brought us close to the understanding that the human mind has more power than we all think it has. We just need to be able to access these abilities and that, inevitably will bring about a transformation to the human race and the world entirely. Lots of researches are still going on over this but now, I present to you a multidisciplinary field of study which brings together various scientific methods and tools to study and analyze the ways in which consciousness, intellect and the mind influence the physical world. Readers, I present to you…………… Noetic Sciences.

The word ‘Noetic’ was coined from the Greek Word noēsis/ noētikos, meaning direct knowing, inner wisdom or subjective understanding. In 1902, a Greek philosopher, William James defined it as ‘states of insights into depth of truths unplumbed by the discursive intellect. They are illuminations, revelations, full of significance and importance, all inarticulate though they remain; and as a rule they carry with them a curious sense of authority’.

Now, the history of noetic sciences cannot be left out in this write up. ‘Noetic sciences’  as a term came into being in the year 1973 when the Institute of Noetic Sciences  (IONS) was founded by Edgar Mitchell- the sixth man to walk on the moon in 1971 and a former Exxon executive, Paul Temple. When Edgar got back home from the moon, he described an experience he called Samadhi experience. He said he remembers his trip back home the most and felt a strong connection to the universe during the trip. Mitchell also claimed he felt a presence of divinity which he could easily reach out to and also deduced that life in the universe didn’t come into being by mistake or some random process.

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Noetic sciences take closer looks at establishing a far more complex relationship between the physical and non-physical, majorly consciousness and physical matter. As I said earlier, noetic scientists are still conducting researches on this field and as of now, conclusions cannot be made as noetic scientists are trying now, to measure …. Intuition, Prayer and even life after death. Creepy right?

The IONS are the foremost researchers on this, aiding the study of consciousness by interns and young scientists who majorly synthesize various bodies of knowledge such as, practical studies of consciousness in healing and the science behind meditation thereafter, disseminating their summaries and resolving towards the next step to take.

All these and more are possible through grants and aids, various disciplinary studies, encouraging collaborations and strategic meetings among scientists to spring up the evolution of new cross-disciplinary studies. Dan Brown’s book, “The Lost Symbol” goes a long way to promote this concept of Noetic science giving practical illustrations and a very nice storyline. I’d advice y’all to get it. You can download the soft copy here.

Please do try to leave your comments, opinions and ideas on this. Thanks for reading.

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