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Qualities necessary for a Nigerian graduate to land a dream job

It is visible to the blind and very much audible to the deaf that jobs aren’t easy things to come by in Nigeria. This problem doesn’t reduce as every year as several youths are graduated from the University every year adding to the already burdened Nigerian Local Market.

Even with this menace still lurking around, many graduates still get employed into top-paying firms and jobs of their dreams year in year out. There are certain qualities being searched for in every graduate and anyone that possesses about 7-8 of the under listed points will definitely land himself/herself a nice paying and comfortable job few months after graduation from the university. There are several other factors that could also facilitate acquiring a dream job such as ethnicity, sex, talents, skill, educational background, etc.

The following are the top and essential qualities a graduate who wants his/her dream job should have in order to fully achieve their dreams. The following are based on Nigeria’s economy, job requirements, etc and may not apply to places outside Nigeria:

  1. FLEXIBLE COMMUNICATION SKILL: Writing and Speaking- These two most essential parts and forms of communication are really necessary for every graduate, most especially during tests and interviews. Most times, graduates who get the job are not those who are so qualified but those who know how to “sell themselves.” It all boils down to the one with the best articulation ability.


  1. GOOD GRADE: This is the second most important thing for a Nigerian graduate to have if he/she wants to get the dream job the individual desires. Most vacancies in Nigeria require at least a Second Class Upper (2.1) or its equivalent grade in Polytechnic. Very few vacancies require a First Class degree compulsorily and this enables any graduate with a good grade from the university apply for virtually any job in his/her field.


  1. VAST LOGIC AND ANALYTICAL ABILITY: This is an ability which most employing organizations search for. Most times, graduates with good grades and good communication skill often fail during this period. This ability being tested helps in determining individuals who possess “problem-solving” abilities and this is a crucial element for any graduate wanting his/her dream job.


  1. AGE: Over the last decade, it has become a norm for companies and organizations to set age limits when placing vacancies. The lesser the age of the applicant, the more jobs he/she is eligible to apply for. So, best bet for every graduate is to work towards getting into the labour force at a young age so as to amp up their chances of getting employed soon.


  1. MARKETABLE VALUE OF THE COURSE: Truth be told, some courses tend to have more marketable value than others. The demand for graduates of courses like Medicine, Accounting and Engineering are relatively higher than some other courses. The number of graduates of these top-notch courses therefore tend to get easily employed than those of other courses.


  1. NETWORKING: This just has to be part of the recipe, though not important. Networking could possess several names such as “connection”, “knowing someone” but it goes beyond that. Meeting the top-players of the game of your field, building contacts and the likes define networking. Quite a number of jobs are gotten through this medium but that doesn’t go to say people don’t get jobs without “knowing someone” or “having connection”. There are still a large number of people who just walk into a firm and come out with a job without “knowing someone”.


  1. BASIC I.T SKILL: It’s the “Computer Age” and every graduate is expected to have basic I.T and Computer expertise. Most of the operations done in a work environment mostly make use of Microsoft Office Applications(MSWord, MSExcel, MSAccess, MSPowerpoint, etc). Apart from the need of I.T skills in a workplace, the need of I.T skills is necessary for online application of jobs, some job application tests are also done using a Computer System and as such the skill is highly essential.


  1. POSSESS KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE CORPORATE WORLD: This is a thing always sought after by interviewers during interviews. Graduates or job-seekers are expected to have knowledge about how the business/corporate world operates. Organizations are mostly business inclined and expect their employees to understand the principles by which the corporate world operates to be able to fit in and operate smoothly, make business decisions, relate with co-workers and bosses, etc.


  1. PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION: Obtaining a Masters’ degree after the Bachelors’ will go a long way in amping up the chances of a graduate landing a job. Professional certifications such as ICAN, CISCO et al are internationally recognized and will give an individual an edge over other applicants or graduates in a field.


  1. INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE: This is not a necessity but for a graduate who’s had internship experience in an organization stands a higher chance of getting employed in the organization after graduation due to his/her previous work experience there. It is not a pre-requisite and therefore takes the last spot on the list.

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