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Polytechnic Graduates: How to deal with the Stigma

Polytechnic Graduates: How to deal with the Stigma.

Polytechnic graduates suffer a great deal of stigmatization especially in Nigeria. They are often regarded to as inferior students when compared to their University counterparts. Over the years, Polytechnic students have written appeals, pleaded with the Government to find a way to curb the stigmatization against polytechnic graduates and make their ND/HND Honours equal to the BSc.

All their efforts have proven futile and the reason behind this is still not clear. Taking an industry or a production company as an example, due to the technical and practical knowledge gained in the polytechnic, many believe polytechnic students/graduates should be found in the factory or workshop while university graduates who get more theoretical training should be found in the offices ‘signing papers’.

Another major reason why the efforts put forward by polytechnic students ends up being futile is because of the general belief that it is easier to get admitted into a polytechnic than into a university. This is majorly because of the difference in UTME cutoff marks set for Universities and Polytechnics where Universities’ cutoff mark is usually set at 180 where Polytechnics’ cutoff mark is usually set at a lower score of 170.

Other factors also account for the stigmatization faced by Polytechnic graduates but in this article, I just want to share a few ways on how a Polytechnic graduate can deal with the stigmatization they face in Nigeria. A few of them are:


  • Further your education: This is the best, first and most effective way to end the stigmatization faced by graduates of polytechnics. If you are financially capable and you feel age is still on your side… it is never too late though… why not take a shot at bagging a BSc and then see what happens from there. You might just end up going all the way to PHd and forgetting you ever even had an ND/HND degree.


  • Get professionally certified: This is another viable way of compensating for the fact that your first degree is an ND/HND degree. Many top notch companies actually give consideration to applicants who possess a professional and in most cases an international certification. This gives them an edge over their counterparts with just a BSc or an ND/HND though this not the same in all cases.


  • Join Start-ups: This is actually a really subtle way of dealing with the stigma but it is worth the shot. Most start-ups would not really require BSc compulsorily or any major certification to get employed. This is not the case in established companies and industries as they tend to have very high stakes compared to start-ups. Who knows…? You might just end up being among the board of directors of a multi-national establishment later in future.


  • Become an entrepreneur: Be your own boss! That line is being sung every day and night and everywhere. Set up your own business and embarrassment and disappointments from employees would stop. You finally become a boss of your own and begin to call the shots. Peradventure the business booms and is known by all and sundry, people who care less about the first degree the CEO has.


  • Pray to God: I really don’t have much to say on this. If you believe there is God, pray to Him to help you and He’ll definitely stretch out His hands to help you provided you are right with Him.



So, that’s it guys, ways to deal with stigmatization as a Polytechnic Graduate. Just in case you have any addition, comments, questions, constructive criticisms…. Kindly drop them in the comment box below. Thanks

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