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Peeing(urinating) in your dream and it then manifesting in real life…. Read mine and then share your experiences

On a sunny afternoon in Ota environs, I was on the field playing football with some of my guys. Suddenly, I felt an outburst of energy and soon found myself playing like Blok in Supa Strikas… Anybody that came towards my defence couldn’t get through. All the leg overs and snake bites from the other team’s strikers came to naught.

Soon enough, the match ended and I was feeling like the man of the match. I saw one old yoghurt man passing by on his bicycle and sharply bought 100 naira own… drank 2 satchets of water also in quick succession.

Me and my friends were walking down the road back home then I saw I sign at one fence that read ‘do not urinate here’ and as you know bad guy that I was and me filled with the euphoria of the good match I played, the fun got into my head, I walked myself majestically to the fence and decided to ease myself there.
One of my friends told me that I shouldn’t urinate there o but I rebuked him and told him nothing would happen. Other guys were busy hailing me “baba o” “chairman” “yu get mouth joo” and I kept nodding mischievously while doing my job there.

I satisfied myself, shook my thing and as I turned back to meet my friends, suddenly…. everywhere became dark, blurry, noisy and loud. The scene then changed… I saw my friends laughing and shouting. .. taking pictures then I noticed I was laying on my bed and the area around me was wet.

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It soon then dawned on me that I had betwet and I actually urinated on myself while sleeping. … mehn… I felt stupid and embarrassed… The same big heads that were hailing me when I was urinating where I wasnt supposed to were the same set of people laughing at me.

They had come to call me for a match we had that morning as we move from house to house to call all the team mates when we have a match like that before proceeding to the field. They got to my house and my mum directed them to my room to check up on me and they met me in that state.

I later got up angrily, freshened up and we went to the field. Luckily we won sha then later I explained to them what happened and we all laughed it off….
Thats my experience Mchubbites… Kindly share yours…

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