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An Overview of Online Education

Online Education: An Overview

Online education as everyone would simply define is taking the classroom or learning centre online and in the end getting a degree just like in a normal institution. Recently, online education has been making a lot of waves in the educational sector worldwide.

The reason for this are the major advantages it possesses such as it not being able to be taken by anyone on the planet, convenience and a host of all other advantages which you can find in my other article on this blog.

All over the world, numerous students are or have been participants of Online Education and the figures are still increasing rapidly. In order to determine the viability and success of online education, a survey of the growth report of five top companies in the United States which were educational institutions was taken and at the end of the exercise, they all indicated that their online programmes were the primary source of their income and growth and that the future of their online programmes promises to be bright.

The number of institutions worldwide that conduct online programmes seem to be on a steady increase. Two major institutions that have been on a steady growth both financially and enrollment-wise due to their online programmes are University of Phoenix and Corinthian Colleges.

University of Phoenix as far back as over a decade ago generated over 1 billion dollars which was about 40% of the total income accrued by its mother organization, the Apollo group. Corinthian Colleges however, recorded three times the normal enrollment rates for its online programme as against its regular classroom programme.

Online education industry is expected to experience an exponential growth over the next couple of years due to the removal of the restriction on US institutions to offer more than 50% of their programmes in the regular “classroom-type” programme. Now, with the removal of this restriction, educational institutions are therefore allowed to offer a wide variety of courses or programmes in their online programmes.

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