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OAU: Now a theological school?

OAU: Now a theological school?

OAU, Obafemi Awolowo University, one of the foremost Nigerian Federal Universities and currently ranked the 3rd best university in Nigeria is the subject of discourse today. This would definitely be no new “stuff” to Great Ife students as it is constantly being discussed in every nook and cranny of OAU campus.

Ile-Ife, Osun State where OAU campus is located is known as the ancestral home of the Yoruba race and that ultimately that implies that the city will be flooded with deities, shrines and all other traditional worship items. Some would say that this is the cause or reason for the large number of fellowships on OAU campus but I beg to differ.

I would say the reason for this high number of fellowships is the fact that students are gullible. Especially freshers, yes freshers! On a regular resumption day on OAU campus, especially in Mozambique Hall and Angola Hall, you would find more than 10 different fellowships coming to welcome you and already inviting you to service without even letting you settle down yet.


Students, parents, everyone have this stereotype that “OAU is hard”. You hear people especially older relatives telling you “OAU le gan o!”. Truth be told, survival on OAU campus is tough. Lectures, toughness of course content and the exams! OAU is truly tough. Thanks to this, different fellowships leverage that opportunity and then slam it on the freshers the need to attend their fellowship as that is the only ticket to surviving on campus. Some go as far as “bad-mouthing” other fellowships because of their doctrines.

This is done majorly in the Pre-degree campus in Moro as they believe there they can “catch them young”. I believe Christianity is a call to a connection with Christ but these fellowships make Christianity seem like a religious reform programme. This is out rightly wrong! Some go as far as exploiting students, asking them to sow this seed, sow that seed at times enforcing a particular amount some members to pay for some certain projects without knowledge of the person’s allowance or budget. I heard the testimony of a neighbor who said a Pastor of a fellowship asked him if he thought he could succeed without sowing in his Pastor’s life and even threatened to ask his roommate to eject him from the room they were sharing as the roommate was an ardent “follower” of this Pastor.

Many of these fellowships induct students into positions in these fellowships giving the student barely any time for his/her self anymore. Some having retreats during school periods, when lectures were ongoing and tests could come up at anytime. I shake my head at the hearing of such news.

Go to Sports’ complex at any time of the day, even during lecture periods, you will definitely find people praying. Go to hostels’ basketball courts too, you will definitely find someone praying even under the scorching sun. I’m not here to condemn Christianity or to criticize the acts of these fellowships or churches…. I just felt I should put all these down while I keep asking myself….


Is OAU now a theological school?

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