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Why you need IT skills as a student

Why you need IT skills as a student

Hi all… I am sure this topic should not be new to you all but I’ll still give my bit on why you need IT skills as a student. IT, full meaning Information Technology. I am not expecting you as an accounting student to learn how to code or design a website but possess some knowledge of the computer and how to operate it. Basic tasks like typing a document, printing, sending a mail, making use of the internet and some other mediocre computing tasks. Below, I am going to list some of the reasons why you need IT skills as a student. They are:

  1. The World is evolving: No doubt, and you also already know this. The world is evolving and everything is gradually becoming automated and contains a technological aspect. Talk of buying things, e-commerce is here. Talk of education, registrations are now often done online. I can go on and on but I’ll rather spare you the details because they are things we all already know. So, if you still don’t know anything about computers, please do. This world is a moving train and you definitely don’t wanna be left behind.



  1. Technology is becoming pervasive: …becoming pervasive or is already pervasive? I think already pervasive. Technology has spread its roots and reach across virtually every field and is really gaining grounds. I really don’t need to type much to drive home my point as practical examples will do. In the arts, the cameras used, the video editors used to make their work so prominent needs technology. Even to get their work out to the public, they need to use the media which is also technological. In the commercial/finances aspect, especially in Banks, computers are obviously used to make transactions, to count money, and so on. And in the sciences…. I’ll rather not even start giving examples because the list would just be too long. As a student, once you get into your field, you will definitely need IT skills to have a smooth sail.


  1. Ease of career switching: These days, its no news that after graduation, a lot of people tend to change or modify their career paths by taking certification courses in other fields. The most “crossed-to” field is the tech field. I have seen various cases of accountants, art students, delving into the tech field because of their flair for it and asides that, it is easy to learn tech skills easily but without prior IT knowledge, it would be terribly difficult to switch.


  1. Examination purposes: Most exams these days, especially the JAMB examination has become CBT meaning Computer Based Test. The students get tested using a computer at designated centres. Not only JAMB, professional and certification exams prefer the use of computers for exams worldwide to cut travelling expenses and also because a computer is really efficient and makes little or no mistake in the computation of results. Once again, as a student, to be able to take these exams smoothly and without any technical stress, you need to possess IT skills.


  1. Job Requirements: Possessing IT skills have now become a necessity for employees to possess before being employed to a firm or a company. This is because the introduction of computers and technology as a whole has made life a lot easier for most firms and having an employee without basic IT knowledge would serve as a liability to the company/organization. So, its best as a student to gain some IT knowledge and skills.


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