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My Journey from Blogger to WordPress

Apparently, I recently changed the look of my website, www.themchub.com and effectively from blogger, which is a Google free-hosted blogging platform to a paid hosting which is WordPress. This write-up is more like a story but along the line, I’ll try to explain some of the processes involved.

I actually started up my blog late last year, I co-own it with a close friend and brother. I started with blogger, of course and it had the name, www.themchub.blogspot.com . During the same period, a colleague of mine Babs, an ardent php programmer also started his, Gistlive. As soon as we started up the blog, we decided to seek advice and help from people around especially those that have gone a bit far in the business, we got tips from Google and also user reviews. We got nice reviews, ranging from the articles, to the user interface and particularly, the design. But then, what we were seeing and hearing from Google and other experienced bloggers wasn’t encouraging.

What they were telling us that didn’t go well with us wasn’t the fact that we weren’t doing a good job, but the fact that using blogger as our platform could put a veil over the nice work we were doing. The reasons we were given was that, for the fact that blogger’s hosting and domain name was free, people and Google themselves might not take us so seriously. I shall go into details in a bit. For people, the fact that we had BlogSpot to our url was a great turn off as people believe its lazy and ‘broke-ass’ or ‘hungry’ bloggers that use BlogSpot. So, for that they might not even click on the URL anytime they see it. As for Google, indexing our website, placing us on their first page of search and ultimately granting approval to our AdSense application might be difficult.

At that period, we became worried. “All these on us?” But, thanks be to God we’ve gotten over them all. First of all, we dealt with the issue of the blog URL. I had my partner send me some money, I added some to it and then bought the domain name www.themchub.com for a fair amount. Then the challenge of mapping my blog to the URL came. Google’s steps didn’t match the interface of my domain registrar so I had to search and search, had to send various emails to the contact centre of the registrar. I actually needed to map Google’s hosting CName to my website URL and add several IPs to my A records under the zone of my domain dashboard. After that, I needed to enter my new web URL under the settings tab of my blogger dashboard. All in all, after a long while, I was able to map my blogger blog to its new URL and still had the old URL redirect to the new URL. It was a big milestone for us as we had just crossed the first hurdle and didn’t even have in mind the need to move to WordPress but with that, we felt we had achieved something. In fact, we did.

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