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My Adsense Story

This post might seem a little similar with what you’ve heard over time concerning Adsense application and approval but I’ll still like to summarize my own experience of the process. It had a couple of rough, disheartening moments but I thank God I prevailed. And as for those who are still applying, keep trying, correcting mistakes and surely you will get approved someday.

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I actually started blogging late last year though I had a blog before which I shut down due to personal reasons. This one is co-owned with my friend who is a DJ and a professional PR. I started blogging with blogger using domain name www.themchub.blogspot.com , later changed my domain name to www.themchub.com  and then to WordPress. You can read the full story here- My Journey from Blogger to WordPress.

To cut the long story short, every blogger’s dream is to get approved by Adsense because apart from the income that comes from it, you feel satisfied you’ve done a good job for Google to find you worthy of their approval. After 4 months of blogging and moving from blogger to wordpress with a mixed niche, we applied for Google Adsense. After about 3 days, we got a reject mail, saying we couldn’t get approved because we violated the webmasters’ policy. We also tried applying for Infolinks and also got rejected. We were dismayed!

Me and my co-owner went back to the slates, read the policy, and deleted the posts which violated their policy. To be specific, a post on gambling. After that, we went into the education niche, made like 15 posts on that, restructured our categories, made a few other posts and re-applied for Infolinks first. After 24 hours, we got approved. Our joy knew no bounds. We were happy because at least Infolinks found us worthy and also because that was a sign we would probably get approved by Google.

A week later, we disabled Infolinks ads from our website (because Adsense doesn’t like competition) and then we re-applied for Google Adsense. It took longer than normal this time for us to get a response mail. We expected a reply within 3 days like the previous one but we had a wait an extra day and a half. True to our predictions, we got approved. Finally, it was done! We felt so achieved and were so happy. Now, we’re working on building our traffic and hopefully we get an ice breaker soon.

For bloggers who are still getting rejected by Google, I stand do be disproved though, but I feel it is easier to get approved if you are on a paid hosting and domain because I heard Google doesn’t take blogger blogs so seriously. But I have still heard cases of people who get approved on blogger so don’t be discouraged, its just my piece. Also, have neatly spread out categories, have a niche, have unique posts of about 500 words each, don’t copy from other websites, avoid having broken links too, have a nice theme, design and readable fonts. That should be just about what you need to get approved by Google.

I wish you all the best. Goodluck. Happy Blogging!!

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