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Methods Nigerian Ladies Use To Scam Guys in School

In a sorry society like that of my dear country, most of the people are left to hustle semi-legally and illegally to survive. Although considered innocent by many guys, a lot of Nigerian ladies actually use smart ways to exploit guys. And usually the guys like the ‘magas’ they are, fall for it. There are many ways by which they, Nigerian Ladies i mean do this. Mainly trickery and outright lying.

  1. Using the pregnancy scam method

This is the most popular method used by Nigerian girls. They sleep with the guy a couple of times, claim they took a test at one hospital and they need money for the abortion of the unborn baby. In fact some go to extreme cases of forging the pregnancy result papers. A lot of guys after seeing this panic and run up and down to get the money involved. In order to prevent this situation, the most confirmed way is to tell her that you guys will have to take the test at another hospital for verification. If she agrees, then you most probably have a bouncing baby boy or girl on the way. If not, you have a chance to avoid giving her your hard earned money to suck.


  1. Using The ‘money For Hair’ Method

Nowadays, we see a lot of girls buying a lot of stuff including human hair. They know the exact prices for the items to purchase and the cost of the hairdressers but they know guys are ignorant of this fact and they take note to triple the prices when billing their boyfriends. They know guys can’t differentiate between different types of hair and lie that they want to combine three different continents on their heads {Indian and Brazilian hair on the natural Nigerian hair}. There is temporary solution to this problem though. You can always tell her you want her to barb her hair to look beautiful for you.

  1. Borrowing Large Sums of Money and Not giving Back

As a Nigerian boyfriend, you are not expected to collect or ask money from your girl. The ladies know this and they use this to their advantage. They ask for money promising to give it back at the next chance they have but sadly, the chance never comes. The solution to this is being stingy. Yes oh! Being stingy!!


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