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Major Ways People hustle to get Money in School

In this current economic situation of Nigeria also known as “The Change Era” or as “Buharic times”, virtually everyone is broke and would go extra miles to make some extra money as the previous income everyone used to get cannot cater for the numerous human needs because of the recession Nigeria is going through.

I’m not being biased here but the major set of people affected by this recession are the students… I know they got my back on this one… Yes! Students. The traders around our campuses have spiked up prices of goods and services such as foodstuffs, stationaries and transport fares ever since this recession started because students cannot do without such things and we have no choice other than to buy them because we truly can’t do without them.

Asides that, some of us have had our allowance slashed, some became irregular and those who used to get extra money from their parents/guardians do not get anymore. Even our “sure” uncles and aunties aren’t sure anymore as the wave of recession has hit every Tom, Dick and Harry.

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All that said and done, students are becoming wise and cannot solely rely on their parents for funds all the time and we tend to delve into lots of things, some legal, some illegal. This post is to highlight some of the major ways people hustle in school to get money. They are:

  • Yahoo Yahoo: This one takes the number one spot because it thrives virtually in all tertiary institutions and both guys and babes are into it. Well, no offence to the white people but they keep falling into the same old trap and well, “G boys and girls” are cashing out real big and steady from it.


  • Sugar Daddies and Mummies: Sugar Daddies and Mummies too are also being affected by the recession but then, they can’t allow their Sugar boy or baby suffer so this one is still very lucrative for guys and babes. I really don’t know which one pays better between this and Yahoo but I know this one brings in regular money from a single source for those who engage in this practice.


  • Betting: Although this one could be frustrating and people tend to lose a lot from this method, many still engage in it and get large money from it after lots of tries and getting spoilt ticket just because of one or two games.


  • Befriending rich guys and girls: In this economy, no one wants to be friends with a broke ass nigga or babe. Those who do not have the liver to source for their own money whether legally or illegally prefer to become friends who have this money and would spend for them. They automatically become disciples to this rich people as they are always seen following the rich people around, cruising about in their rides and so on.


  • Blogging: Ever since Linda Ikeji bought her 500 Million Naira mansion, many students have delved into blogging thinking luck would fall on their laps and they would buy their own mansion soon enough. Thanks to blogger, one can easily create a free blog and Voila! You become a blogger. Many of them have actually become frustrated and have left their blogs dormant because they find it hard to gain traffic and ultimately get approved to become a publisher for Google Adsense.

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  • Becoming PRs: PR job is one of the legal and thriving jobs students engage in these days. It is relatively easy for those who are popular on campus or on a forum or have lots of followers on their social media accounts. Those who aren’t popular just go ahead to build large social media accounts and then charge money to get someone or something trending online.


Okayyyy… There we have it, the major ways people hustle to get money while in school. Let us know some ways we did not mention by dropping them in the comment box below.

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