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Living Without Cooking Food In Higher Institutions

A lot of people wonder how lazy people like me went through higher institution without cooking most of the time. Here I want to share how i managed to live in school without cooking most of the time.

1. Lavishing a lot of Money on Eateries or Restuarants

I was always feeling too lazy most times to carry my stove, light it up and go through the rigours of having to check the progress of my food from time to time {I lived in a single room}. However, one way I managed to live through that was by spending money in eateries near where i stayed and even in school. I didnt even know how to cook a month before entering into school. It was my mother that started dragging me to the kitchen when the time to leave for school was near. It wasnt easy though. Imagine a case in which you spend about three times the cost food is sold. Sometimes I even went broke because of the way i spent on food.

2. Begging From Fellow Hallmates

In my school, most of the students live off campus. So there arent any boys or girls hostel. We co-habit in a hall together. This usually gave me the opportunity to beg from the girls living in my hall. I’d just stay at their doorpost, try to decipher if they were cooking any food at the moment {Most of them usually cooked in their rooms} enter their room and start commenting on how beautiful they were that day {Later on, they got my scope and didnt fall for my tricks again} I’d move to their stove and tell them how nice the aroma of their food was and how they’d make good wives. You know girls; They love flattering and fall for it most of the time. So they usually agreed to give me food after all the praises. Some like me however, didnt need to flatter anyone. They simply had their way. I could count on one hand how many times my next door neighbor cooked in 100 level yet I saw him always eating something. All he was just doing was ‘clinching’ on to someone and asking the person to cook his own share whenever they prepared food. How he managed to pull that off for a year, I still do not understand.

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3. Getting a Girlfriend

This was also another way I managed to live without cooking in school. I had a girlfriend that luckily cooked most of the time in 300 level. Anytime I was hungry I’d just call her and let her know I was soon heading over to her place so she’d get something prepared for me. Or, I’d pester her to come over to my place and then use the opportunity to beg her to cook for me.

4. Waiting For Hall Cooking Contributions

This was a verified but unpredictable way of getting food too in school. I call it unpredictable because it depends on if everyone is present in the hall at the time. Everyone in the hall contributes money to buy ingredients for food and plans how it is going to be cooked and shared. This option is however, not too reliable. Brawls between hallmates could signal a final halt to ‘satisfying your belly’ and leaving you hungry the rest of the day. This happened to me countless times so I am talking from experience. On one occasion there was an argument on who would provide kerosene to the stove being used and whose ratio of rice contributed was bigger and that was how a fight started. In the end, nobody’s stove was used, nobody’s rice was cooked and we all went back to our rooms ‘happily hungry’ and pleased with ourselves.


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