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Is Okocha Really The Best Showboater To Grace The Premier League?

Football showboating is a form of exhibiting very skillful moves to attract attention and could be “slightly annoying” at times.
The above definition gives the exact actions of Okocha while in the premier league and throughout his whole career too. He was so skillful the Bolton fans named him twice {Jay Jay}. Exhibiting skills effortlessly and laying off defenders like they were nothing but air. The Premier League has experienced lots of showboaters like Thierry Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bergkamp, Tommy Murray but the No. 10 was simply different from the others {You simply can’t say C.Ronaldo was better than okocha at exhibiting skills because Ronnie’s main point is footwork.. Footwork doesn’t make up a great deal of showboating} I dare say Okocha was into football not because of scoring or teamwork but

mainly for exhibiting skills.That was probably why he turned down offers from big clubs like Arsenal as a result of his style of play and not wanting to lose his place in the first eleven. Up till now, Africa hasn’t experienced nor exported

a player of such quality

His Top Five Tricks

1. Jay Jay vs Oliver Kahn {The Perfect Birthday Gift}

I think we all have heard about this legendary goal against Oliver Kahn, one of the best goalies in the world at the time. Okocha was passed the ball by his teammate after unsuccessfully trying to go around Kahn. He feinted and Oliver kissed the grass on the field but quickly responded and ran to the goal post. The technician still dribbled past a player and kept on feinting with two defenders in front of him before slotting the ball past the goalkeeper. Coincidentally, the day of the match was Kahn’s birthday. The goal was voted Goal of the Season by many soccer magazines.


2. Jay Jay Vs Ray Parlour {The Dream Rainbow}

A short corner kick pass was given to Jay Jay and that was all the No.10 needed to confuse Parlour. Not minding the small space, he flicked the ball over his head and left the midfielder just staring at the movement of the ball. I call that the “Perfect Confusion”. To other Nigerians, it’s the perfect “Follow Me”. Moments earlier, Okocha had taken the mickey out of Parlour by lifting the ball over his head from a standing start. The place fell about laughing.


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3. Jay Jay vs Beckham

Both had a race to get the ball. Beckham gave a sliding tackle which was in vain as the ball still ended up in the playmaker’s feet, raised the ball over another Man United midfielder’s torso and gave a backheel pass to his teammate

4. Jay Jay Vs Denmark 1998 World Cup

A short pass was given to Okocha. He feinted as if he wanted to shoot, cleared up three defenders that way which left one of them mowing the lawn and blasted the shot recklessly over the bar. The match later ended with Nigeria losing to the Danes 4-1 {Match wey we suppose win o. Walahi}

5. Jay Jay Vs the Three Not-So-Wise Men

I particularly don’t know the team Okocha was playing against though. He cleared three players at a time but ended up giving a weak shot in an attempt to score.



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