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Introducing… TheMcHub’s Trivia and Giveaway

Goodday McHubbites, trust y’all are having a good day… No long talks, during our inauguration, it was stated that it would come a time where you guys would be rewarded and freebies would be given. Dearies, the time has come. This first episode of TheMcHub’s Trivia and Giveaway is exclusive to our BBM channel and E-mail subscribers as a way of saying Thank You for your support and for believing in us. We hope with your support, we will be opportuned to serve you better.


The day and time of the Trivia will only be released on the BBM channel and the blog so that only our subscribers will be opportuned to benefit from this event. Subsequent episodes will be broadcasted on various social media platforms to expand the reach of this event.

This trivia will come in various forms and we promise transparency and fairness as the winners will come from those who leave their answers in the comment box of the post for everyone to see. The answers will be taken during a specific period of hours and will only be extended if there is no winner at the time of expiration. The person will the first correct and flawless answer will be awarded as the winner and proof of reward will be publicized for you all to see that TheMcHub’s Trivia and Giveaway is no scam.

Sooo, if you wish to join us, kindly subscribe to our BBM channel HERE  or subscribe to our Email updates HERE

I wish you all goodluck!!! #TheMcHubTrivia #anticipate



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