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The Importance of Math Education To Children

The Importance of Math Education to Children

As a child, I was very poor in arithmetic and math generally. I constantly kept on asking why mathematics was important and its usefulness to society and in everyday life. However, the more i gew up, I noticed something.

The behavior of my parents towards arithmetic also affected mine. They gave me hope and supported me in the quest to learn arithmetic of course and I experienced a great turnaround in my performance in arithmetic.

However, I am not here to discuss about my history. I am here to give you reasons why Math education is important for children.

Let’s go back in time shall we?

Early in the 20th century in the United States of America, learning and lecturing algebra was thought of as ‘academic extravagance’.

Reference was made to some parts of basic arithmetic by important and influential people in the country as a subject not useful and needed in society.

Around this period, students were lectured maths skills that could be exercised pronto. Strategists after the second world war started to recommend a tougher math syllabus.

These days however, schools are placing emphasis on the increase of math skills of students so they can keep up with the competition in the economy of the world.

This is because math has an importance in the modern society which will be listed below

1. It educates children on Life skills

It is very difficult to live a live without liberty and self-dependence without math skills. Children start to absorb the meaning and importance of money in early elementary grades and later graduate to calculating percentages and fractions.

People must have these skills in cases of determining whether or not an artifact on dispensation is a good offer, managing budgets, following a process and many other stuff.

A learned and popular financial consultant pointed out that children must be apt and efficient at math in order to purchase a nice ride with the correct value and not purchasing the wrong one.

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2. It buttresses the progression of education

Even casual jobs in areas that appear not to need math skills actually require them. Clerks must be able to count money without mistake, while a customer care representative may need to be able to talk about an inconsistency in a customer’s bill.

Students skilled at math and look to continue onto higher institution will discover that lucrative jobs with mouth watering salaries will be readily available to them.

This is because they are necessitated to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in any field. Students who have better math skills than colleagues may acquire scholarships on the basis of their higher-ranked presentation of math in screening tests such as SAT and ACT.

3. Your Daily Math

Students may ask why math is required but quality math directive must make sure that this question is asked very rarely.

Directive should take in mastery of skills that depict to children the usefulness of math to their daily lives, the world around them and their future careers.

Math lecturers must endeavour to make available for use a real-world condition for the skills they teach and must tell students the logic behind the notion they are teaching

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