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How to boost your CGPA in the University

Now, having all A’s in courses in one’s courses does not guarantee success in life but it still doesn’t mean it puts one on the path to failure but graduating with a good CGPA will definitely help you pursue further education, achieve future prospects and also make you little more money. If for a tertiary education, one has to put in a lot of energy, time and money into it then one might as well then try as much as possible to make the best out of it because as the saying goes, “Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well.”

Now this article is for those who feel their CGPA is “creeping terribly”, “cannot flash a different network”, or is not even close to “Sine 90”. Nevertheless, those who have a CGPA that can send text message or buy ₦5 biscuit can also benefit from this.

It’s no new thing that even before results are out, most students try to anticipate the grades they need in certain courses and the overall GPA they need to compliment the CGPA they have already. Now, contrary to popular beliefs that once your CGPA is so low, there is only so much you can do already to get it back up. There are a lot of ways to fix this and quickly let us get down to how you can effectively  boost your CGPA while there’s still time.

  • EVALUATE WHERE YOU ARE: The first thing to do in such situations is to evaluate where you are. If you are a “fresher” and possibly you just got caught in the euphoria of being a freshman and stumbled during the first year, there is still room for you to grab the books and build some solid grades. But if you are a “stalite”, you can do same and also probably consider attending tutorials or forming/joining a study group.
  • DISCUSS WITH YOUR PART ADVISER: Every department and part always has a part adviser whom students hardly relate with unless for official purposes and when the need arises. But in this case, when there is need for a CGPA boost, you need to visit your part adviser, relate with him/her because he/she would be in the best position to analyze your results, study the trend of your results and tell you where and where to work on in the coming semesters, tell you the courses to pick and tell you where challenges lie so as to prepare ahead. They can also have information about any tutorial or study centre you can attend.

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  • FIND OUT WHERE THE PROBLEMS LIE: This is the highlight of all the points I have listed and still going to list. “Once bitten, twice shy” is the best saying for this situation. Just sit, reminisce, and think of what could have been the problem. Could it have been bad company, poor reading habits, extracurricular habits or personal reasons? Consider readjusting your schedule and try to apply some changes to what you feel could be the problem and once you have done that, just sit back, relax and watch your CGPA develop wings and soar high.
  • ATTEND LECTURES REGULARLY: If I do not mention this then I’m missing out an important recipe in this soup. Most lecturers teach by projecting PowerPoint slides and this as such tempts students to just download the slides and read up hoping they will understand. Students get away with this at times but have a problem with challenging courses using this method. By skipping lectures, you get affected in the following ways:
  1. No opportunity to get oral explanations from the lecturers.
  2. No opportunity to ask questions and learn from the explanations to others’ questions.
  3. Portraying yourself as a bad student in the eyes’ of your lecturers and other students.
  4. Missing out on assignments and announcements.
  • PLAN AND ORGANIZE YOURSELF: Another saying, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail” applies also in this situation. One can read almost all night, read the biggest textbooks and still not get anywhere with all the stress. A strategized study plan which goes in sync with one’s capabilities is all that is needed in this case. Just make sure periods for study, rest and play are included in your plan as they all are very essential for perfect planning.
  • ENGAGE IN WEEKEND REVIEWS OF THE WEEK’S WORK: Yet another saying, “A stitch in time saves nine” is applicable in this point. A very common problem which applies to all students is trying to cover so much of work when exams are just around the corner. In a bid to boost CGPA, trying to read so much material few days to the exam is not a wise idea at all. So my advice is, try as much as possible to review the week’s work over the weekend and the just skim or scan the other weeks’ work. Doing this consistently not only helps you get familiar with the material and reduce cramming rate, it also reduces the amount of workload during examination period.
  • GET FAMILIAR WITH PEOPLE WITH HIGH CGPA: “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.” It has actually been found out that the quality of one’s learning is directly proportional with the quality of people the person walks with. Working and moving with brilliant people will definitely facilitate healthy educational discussion. Having someone of a similar CGPA as your study partner will only result in you both consoling yourselves in tough situations but if you were to be with someone of a higher Cumulative Average, such person will help shake you out of your struggle and will be a good influence during times you feel the urge to slack.
  • MAKE GOOD USE OF THE LIBRARY: Hostels and Dormitories are not so good places to study as there definitely will be lots of distractions. Roommates gisting, cooking, playing music will definitely distract you. The sight of one’s bed could tempt one into wanting to sleep. But when you go to the library, there will be almost no distraction, there will be easy access to books and even if the need be to rest, you will only rest for a short period of time as there won’t be so much comfort doing that in the library.
  • SET GOALS FOR YOURSELF AND REWARD YOURSELF WHEN YOU ACHIEVE THEM: Good grades themselves are rewards for hard work but having a little chill or treat to relax and reward yourself when you achieve your aims aren’t bad either. So, take yourself out, take a tour, relax once you have that grade you always wanted.
  • PRAY: Never forget “The G Factor”. Be you a Muslim, Christian or any other religion, acknowledge your God in all you do, pray to him regularly and he will surely crown your efforts will success.

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