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Help Cure An Irreligious Man’s Belief

I was brought up as a Christian. Practically heard ‘Jesus’ being shouted in my ear all the time and was quite religious at the time. The more I grew older, the more i started to question RELIGION. There were questions I asked myself and I’ll pose some of these questions to you too. I want answers and questions given as comments in the comment box of the blog which can be posed to me anytime from today till next Saturday.

I’ll reply each and every one of them in an article that will be published the coming Sunday. It’ll go on like that in a series of continuous chains.

One thing to note though. I am a theist and i believe there’s a creator of my soul which is God. Hell, screw the Big Bang Theory. {I view Atheists on same plane as Theists} I, however, am opposed to the mediums by which we connect to God. Most of my questions will be asked from a Christian’s perspective.The questions I asked myself goes thus…

Why do I believe In Jesus and not Mohammed or Sango?
The answer I got at the time was simple. I believe in Jesus because I was TOLD to believe in Jesus. It wasn’t my choice. It was what was put into my head since I was a kid. I wasn’t supposed to ask if it was a fairy tale or not. I was just supposed to give my life to him.

What is the difference between serving God through Jesus, Mohammed or some other god?
I only got one answer for myself. The beliefs and methods of worship. However, I found a hitch. Christians, Muslims and Traditional worshippers all communicate to God through a medium which is Jesus, Mohammed, Sango, Ifa or some other medium. I know Christians abhor the way pagans worship God through ‘deites’. But because of their faith, they are blind to the fact that they worship God through Jesus. Isn’t it same thing as serving God through a deity? They simply deceive each other that Jesus is different from other deites. This is evident in the way Christians close a prayer with ‘In Jesus name I have prayed’. Same goes for Muslims and Traditionalists though not through same method. Are religious people really blind to that fact or they just choose to overlook it? What’s the difference between religious people {Who realise that fact} and hypocrites? I once saw in a Nairalander’s signature, ‘Tell me why you disregard other gods and I’ll tell you why i disregard yours’ {Not perfectly quoted though} I asked myself that same question and couldn’t get an answer. I am posing that same question to you too.

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How do I know the deity I serve God through is the REAL one?
There are many divisions of Christians. I was brought up as a Pentecostal Christian. There are other divisions like Catholics, Anglicans, White Garments and so on. Let me tell you one thing though. Pentecostal Christians don’t believe non-pentecostal Christians or any other arm of religion serve God right. They believe they can’t make ‘heaven’. Same goes for Muslims when it comes to Sunnis and Shiites. Perhaps no difference with Traditional worshippers that are divided into Sango, Obatala and Ifa worshippers. There are still so many other religions and I asked myself think serving God as a Pentecostal Christian is the REAL way to serve God. I still couldn’t give myself an answer.

If My Parents Really Believe in God and Not Religion, Why Can’t I Change To Another Religion Without Opposition From Them?
The above question is self-explanatory. And this proves that most Thiests inadvertently serve Religion and not God. If they really serve God, then you should be able to change without being met with strong opposition from family and church members. Just try it at home. Call your parents and tell them you want to change religion and see their reactions.
Why Are Non-Religious Countries More Successful Than Religious Ones
In Nigeria, walk through any street. You’ll pass at least two churches there. Even on my own street alone, there are five churches. Some religious people view the U.S.A and other non-religious oriented countries as ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’. Yet, yesterday, naira dropped to 315 against the dollar. Why can’t our supposed ‘Israel’ be more successful than ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’?

Is There Really Something called Rapture or Judgement Day That Will Happen Soon?
Since the 1900s we’ve always been hearing about the ‘Last Days’ and Judgement Day. The earth is still standing. True, there might be an apocalypse but trust me; It won’t come from a Judgement Day. The Bible spoke about the ‘Last Days’. ‘ There will be war against Nations, Pain, Strife,…’ Which particular time in history has there been no war, pain or strife? It was even worse in times past. Very, very bad. Poverty was very rampant then. And it’s now greatly reduced in these present times as compared to ages ago. So tell me; Which particular time is the ‘Last Days’ exactly? Is there even a heaven or hell? If there is, then it means 99 % of Africans from the times Jesus died till about the 1900s when the Europeans arrived and spread Christianity all went to hell. Are you crazy?

I hear of miracles happening in mosques and churches. Isn’t that proof that Religion is real?
These so-called miracles happen in third world countries. They never happen in developed countries where every kid has an Iphone to film it. It’ll never happen in the U.S.A where scientists rush to the site to prove whether the miracle was real or not. It”ll only happen in Nigeria, Brazil or some other developing country where they know people believe things without question.

If you think you can provide answers to my above questions, answer in the comment box in the blog. If you are a religious person and you can’t answer them, you are a blind religious follower like I was.
Thank you.

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  1. What I can say is that man is man, a mortal with limited capacity, and sinful nature.

    But, God is God! No amount of man’s thinking can unravel the mystery.

    Just think of it this way: Miracles happen only to those who have FAITH in God. Have you never seen oyibo coming to Nigeria or those other countries just to partake in the miracles.

    I can’t write off the fact that there are false prophets, but in the end, it is for God to judge.

    But, my friend, God exists, works miracles, and is the giver of every good thing.

  2. I dont even tink of god or any diety again cos dey are millions of reasons why it just doesnt make sense to bliv in dis bible and quran god… If he ever existed.. He must be very daft.. Cos d books claimed to bee his insppiration contains craps… My guy just flex ur life … god=zero
    Do you know abt egyptian trinity?
    Do u knw amen ru? He is d son of god lyk jesus too… D concept of christainity was stolen from egypt

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