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Five South African Beat Productions Nigerian Artistes Made Into Hit Tracks

Its no news that South Africa houses some of the best producers in the world {Yes, even better than Americans in my opinion} Some have produced really dope beats which gained popularity in their homeland but were made more popular by their Nigerian counterparts.
We wanna talk about five of the biggest though.

1. Lento by Professor

The Afro House beats were jumped upon by none other than the Free Madness Crooner, Terry G. The beats we gyrated to in See Groove was actually produced by South African producer and musician, Professor. The Lento lyrics are from the Zulu language. They mean and i quote ‘He who has given us this life’. Funny enough the See Groove video had more youtube views than the original track.

2. Ovia Orlando DJ Vetkuk

Remember the recent club banger, Elegushi Spenders by Olalakeside? Yeah, those beats were later recreated by another producer {whose name I do not know} and converted from its traditional Afro house genre into Dancehall. Not only Olalakeside though,,, Base One and Legely did the same.Although Elegushi Spenders was the one most accepted and rocked to by Nigerians. Honestly how the track blew with its whack lyrics {sorry, with its shouting}, I don’t know.

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3. Khona By Mafikizolo

Sung in 2013, produced by the popular South African, Uhuru, this track received radio airplay mostly by Beats 99FM and Cool FM. And once again, Terry G re-appeared and released Ora with those same beats {why baba like to dey tiff na}. Danny Young later followed suit with Ole.

4. Y-Tjukutja By Uhuru, Oskido

Wire rozaaay! Wire! we poppin’ champagne, hennessy…. The lyrics off Famous’s street banger, Wire master. Though the beats were reproduced by Jay Pizzle but we still cant be deceived bro. We all heard the similarities in the beats clearly.

5. Zenze Remix By Uhuru

Recreated by 2T Boys and featured veteran rapper Seriki and featuring street artiste, Small Doctor in the track Customer Dada Ni. The track can’t really be called a national banger though. Its more of a street hit.

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