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Disadvantages of Studying in a Nigerian Public University

Disadvantages of studying in a Nigerian Public university

All said and done, Nigerian Public universities have their pros and cons. Below are some of the disadvantages of studying in a Nigerian public university.

  1. Strike: This is the number one disadvantage of studying in a public university and also the main reason why students rather attend a private university. Strike! Nigerian Public universities have been facing this problem since time immemorial. General strike caused by ASUU is often the major cause of public university strikes. These industrial actions could go on for as long as 9 months without intervention and any hope of getting resolved. At times, the NASU (Non-Academic Staff Union) chapter of a school could decide to proceed on a strike action and at times, it could be the Students’ Union that could forcibly close down the school due to disagreements or issues concerning students’ welfare. Meanwhile, while public universities go through all these hassle, private universities proceed on a smooth sail without any disruption in their academic calendar giving them a certainty of their graduation year. A joker once said, “It is only in a nigerian public university you celebrate your birthday twice in one session…”



  1. Cultism: Although the rate of cultism in Nigerian public universities have reduced a bit, this still remains a disadvantage of studying in a public universities. From time immemorial, cultists have been known to be up to no good as they maim students, lecturers, destroy properties and are known to constitute nuisance within the school premises and very little can be done to stop them as most of them possess backing from powerful people in the society. Private schools have little or none of these problems and as I said earlier, have a relatively smooth sail in school without having to watch over their shoulders all the time and this represents another major reason why students would pick a private university over a public.


  1. Overcrowdings: Virtually everywhere in a public university is overcrowded especially the hostels. A room originally designed to accommodate four students can been changed and have 12 students been allocated there. It gets worse as “squatters” are often still found in such room and that results in overcrowding. It doesn’t end there, even in lecture rooms and lecture theatres, students often find themselves having to stand or squat just to get a chance to listen to a lecture. Most of these lecture theatres designed to accommodate one thousand students, you often find about five hundred extra students also attending that course. It is alarming, unsafe and unconducive for learning and as such students go for their other option which is a private university.


  1. “Lecturer Issues”: Public universities are often characterized by this and even male students are not left out this time. Females although, are often the main victims of this. Lecturers asking them out or demanding for sex before passing them in a course is very rampant in public universities and almost nothing can be done about it because reporting the lecturer only puts the female in more trouble as the lecturers’ colleague often tend to defend their mate and it ends up being their word against hers. Also, lecturers at times, demand for money before passing students, some are sadists who just fail students for no just reason and cannot be questioned. This is a major bane in public universities too.



That’s about all I have for now, I’ll leave you to drop yours in the comment box and also give opinions on how these issues can be solved. Thanks

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