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Disadvantages of studying in a Nigerian Private University

Disadvantages of studying in a Nigerian Private University

No need for stories, this topic has caused heated arguments amongst Nigerians generally, students or non-students. Well, here’s out two cents on this topic. Quickly, the disadvantages of studying in Nigerian private universities. They are:

  1. Expensive and exorbitant fees: True to this, many of private universities both in Nigerian and abroad charge relatively high fees. Some of these private universities are owned by churches and were built with donations and offerings from church members. Once these universities are completed, the fees are often unaffordable by the people who donated to its building and even unaffordable to the average Nigerian especially the civil servants. An average civil servants who receives the minimum wage of 18,000 Naira would receive 216,000 Naira in a year and that is still not enough to pay a session’s fees in most private universities and as such most students resort to public universities or polytechnics.


  1. Discrimination in the labour market: This is another major disadvantage of studying in a Nigerian private university. When students of private universities graduate and start job-hunting especially in Nigeria, they are most times discriminated and are less favoured than public university graduates with the same grade or a slightly better grade. Employers believe public university students are more drilled and possess more knowledge and experience than private university students and at times private university results could be bought or fabricated which is nearly impossible in a public university. Although unconfirmed, we heard a paramount bank in Nigeria that everyone knows does not employ private university graduates.


  1. Confinement: Private university students are too confined to their university surroundings and are barely allowed to move out on campus unless given a pass which is only given on special occasions or when the students are going out for a competition. Such lifestyles do not allow the students get exposed to their immediate surroundings neither does it permit them to learn from the indigenes of the town/city where their school is situated.


  1. Subject to so many rules: This always baffles me anytime I hear the rules imposed on private university students. Ranging from “lights out” to “no bottled or canned foods allowed in hostels”, I pity the students. There are lots of rules imposed on private university students. Some are actually reasonable and help form decent, smart individuals but some I feel are actually outrageous and uncalled for. Such rules are supposed to be imposed on secondary school students and not on university students who are believed to be mature and grown adults.


  1. Accreditation: This should have come somewhere on top but it takes this spot well, because its not a common issue. What’s common is that several private universities do not possess accreditation to undertake some major courses like Medicine and a few other engineering courses. This is not a major issue with this point as students can still pick another university or a different course in the same university. The major issue with this disadvantage is, some private universities at times end up falling below standard and then the Nigerian University Commission therefore rules them as sub-standard universities and unfortunately, some students are already enrolled in such schools and some might even have graduated.


So, there you have it, some of the major disadvantages of attending a Nigerian private university. Feel free to add your disadvantages, questions, etc and we will reply promply.

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