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Cohabiting In School: The Pros

In most public universities, we see people that live outside the official school hostel {off campus}. This could be as a result of a whole lot of factors ranging from privacy to access to better to hygiene and so on. Among the off campus residents, there are members of different genders that cohabit. Don’t get me wrong, cohabiting is not a situation where persons of different genders live in a particular hostel. It is actually when they both live right in a specific flat or room. There are both pros and cons of this but today, I’ll be listing out the pros of cohabiting in school.

  1. Domestic Help

We all know guys {especially Nigerian guys} dislike domestic chores like cooking, washing the dishes after eating, sweeping up the room/rooms in the house, doing the laundry and so on. Now this is where the ladies love to help out. They enjoy doing the domestic chores while singing, listening to music or gossiping with their friends about the latest happenings in town.


  1. Monetary Support

Sometimes, either of the two cohabitants could get broke at any time. Assistance with money can then quickly and easily offered as the roommates have gotten to a good level of understanding between each other. In a Nigerian setting, it is usually the guy that helps the lady financially thereby creating a symbiosis. The lady helping domestically, the guy supporting financially.

  1. Strengthening Of Relationships

In some cases, co-habiting takes place when both are dating and one moves in with the other. Living together creates problems and quarrels for people at first but after agreed amount of time, they start to understand each other, are freer with each other and knowing their movements {for jealous partners}

  1. Preparing You For Co-habiting

In a few years after leaving school, we know marriage happens. And to the best of my knowledge, couples co-habit after being wedded {I don’t really know if all types of couples in the western world live together. Whites could be really different from us Africans}. Even if at a point, co-habitants break up in school, some small knowledge has been learnt about living with the opposite sex.



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