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Benefits of ‘Networking’ in school

Benefits of ‘Networking’ in school

Networking as I would love to call it isn’t the “Networking” of the ‘techies’. I would define is as ‘meeting people, interacting, sharing ideas’ and benefiting from each other in a way such that you all benefit from each other in a positive way of course. A tertiary institution to me, is the best and biggest place you can form and develop relationships that can, not only benefit you throughout your stay in school but even more efficiently after graduation. To do this, you definitely have to be social, know how to carry yourself in public and openly interact with people. There are several benefits of this ‘art’ and I shall list some of them below with a little further explanation of the concept. The benefits are explained below:

  • Gain Knowledge and Share Ideas: As I’ve earlier written, though sketchy, one of the major benefits of networking is gaining of knowledge and sharing of ideas. Relating with the right set of minds which not necessarily are in your field of study will expand your knowledge about several fields or scopes of life because no man is an island of knowledge and therefore relating with quite a handful of people in any occasion you find yourself will definitely enhance your chances of meeting bright minds and gaining knowledge from different people.



  • Provides an avenue for Advertisement: Networking or “gaining connection” has been an effective avenue for advertisement. In this case, not specifically products but also services. In relating with people, you provide for yourself a platform to advertise yourself, your capabilities, potentials, ideas and products easily. This method has proven to be extremely effective over time and has given life to a lot of businesses, ideas, projects, etc. Although, networking shouldn’t mainly be used for advertisement as this presents such individual as desperate. Such advertisements should come as ‘chip-ins’ during discussions. Learn to create a warm atmosphere between yourself and the person you are conversing with. You’ll definitely leave a good impression of yourself, your product and definitely your service.


  • Ease of getting jobs: In addition to the point stated above, networking aids individuals to get gainfully employed. This is the most likely end result of advertising one’s self. After relaying your products and services to individuals you meet with the advice stated above, which is a warm atmosphere, the probability you will be contacted for any job this individual sees a vacancy for is very high as your presentation, charisma and memory such individual has of you will speak for you at that moment.


  • Always have someone for the job: This point is the reverse of point 3 in a certain way. In the case above, it helps provide job for an individual. In this case, the individual becomes the employer or rather, someone providing jobs for others. Provided an individual is onto a project or something that requires specialists in other fields, the contacts gotten via networking come in very handy now. One can easily get hands on for the job instead of searching around for long periods of time.


That’s about all the benefits we have for now. With time, we will definitely update the list. And just in case you have other benefits and you would like to share it with us… Kindly drop it in the comment box






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