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Why Ayodele Dada Getting a 5.0 CGPA Is a Big Deal

Ayodele Dada Daniel is the first Nigerian university graduate to get a 5.0 CGPA. He graduated from the department of psychology in UNILAG. Many have debated severely on his case. Most citing that ‘a graduate with a 5.0 CGPA from the department of PSYCHOLOGY is not worth being celebrated’. During the strong wave of arguments, many of these people stated that it would been something if he was from the so called ‘hard departments’ like Engineering, Law and so on.

In my opinion, if you have any of the above reasons to back your claim that Ayodele Dada is not to be celebrated, then you are either ignorant or myopic in your thinking. I will explain my reasons below

Well, IN NIGERIA, psychology is a harder course to pass than engineering. Okay, okay, chill first; my first point may seem incredulous but then note this phrase, ‘Psychology is a harder course to PASS’. I said PASS please not STUDY. Also note that I said ‘IN NIGERIA’. Now we’re getting to the part where my fellow Nigerian students will start to understand me.


In Nigeria, we know a lot of our lecturers are sadists. They take pleasure in trying to find reasons to fail you in exams. If you want to pass with good grades in their courses then you will have to give them EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. This is where I would like to directly analyze how an engineering student and a psychology student will pass an exam.

The engineering student studies what he has been taught, can just go a bit of an extra mile and pass his course with an A {You can say it is hard for a Nigerian lecturer to score you high on that because he wants to be totally satisfied but am getting there}. No matter how crazy or hard the questions seems, the engineering student can meet up with an older brother, consult a book in the library and you’ll get the answer {Some say their lecturers give questions that can’t even be found in the library and can’t be solved unless the lecturer gives the answer but I tell you today, those kinds of students have either low IQs or lazy brains}. In conclusion, going an extra mile in studying engineering will get you an A.

On the other hand, when a psychology student is given a question in one of his core psychology courses, there is no one or a thing to consult. The answer you give must TALLY and in some cases, SURPASS what the lecturer has in mind. It is almost like extreme guess work. Now imagine someone who was able to guess right {and even more} for four years in numerous courses handled by different lecturers and get an A. That, my friend is a genius in the form of Ayodele Dada.

I tell you today, the average Nigerian student can read engineering IN NIGERIA and graduate with a 5.0 CGPA in Nigeria but none of them can pass those core psychology courses with an A. I would like you not to forget that Dada would have taken borrowed courses which he probably didn’t like but still had the motivation and perseverance to read them and murder with A’s.

There are schools in Nigeria {like OAU} that even after giving the correct answers asked to questions in exams in Engineering, you’ll be marked down but then tell me, between being given correct marks for something you can pass well given you understand the concept or being given correct marks for something you ALMOST have no answer to, which is harder?

I’d like to drop my pen at this point. If you have any reasons to support or counter my motion, you can state them in the comment box below.


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