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African Waist By Tiwa Savage- Review {Mainly on it’s production By Don Jazzy}

A very unique track by sung by Tiwa Savage off her sophomore and latest album, R.E.D. However, this track was made unique not because of it’s lyrical content but because of its beats. No one can specifically tell you African Waist is fully of a particular genre. The production was a masterpiece done by the boss himself, Don Jazzy. A near perfect production encompassing ‘three’ official genres {I said three official genres coz mah no lie, nah four I identify but it was very brief. But make I no cause controversy. Lol}


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The production of this track is the first of it’s kind I have heard in Nigeria. This is the first time a producer has stolen the spotlight from the singer ONLY JUST because of the beats. Some sef go dey wonder, ‘Wetin dis guy mean na?’ Am about to give it to you. But I first want you to ¬†download the track so you’ll fully understand what my points below. You can search for it on google.

The track starts with an intro by The Mavins Queen, Tiwa Savage. Beats start at 0:09 seconds. From that part down to 1:57, the beats are purely AFRO POP {I don’t need to explain why it’s Afro Pop to you} From 1:57 to 2:27 we hear TRAP music beats {Perfect transition by Don Jazzy. Its trap and not rap as many will perceive it because the Beats Per Minute of the track and also at that moment is 125.00. That’s the likely tempo for trap music} At point 2:28, the boss transitions back into Afro Pop which continues until 3:14 when we fully hear the infusion of AFRO BEATS into the already on going Afro Pop beats {That’s when you hear those saxophones playing. At point 3:45, I heard this other instrument I can’t identify. Maybe producers in the house can help out}. Hence, giving us three types of genres in one song.

Mehn, the song never tay oh but I predict its gonna be a banger. It’ll be quite hard for a track characterized with dope beats and beautiful female voice by the queen of Nigerian music herself {with a *coughs* froggy voice by the boss} not to blow. Big ups to Don Baba J. You are the pioneer of this style of production.


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