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Advantages of Studying in a Nigerian Private University

Advantages of studying in a Nigerian Private University

A Nigerian Private University are tertiary institutions founded by individuals, corporations, organizations, etc in Nigeria. It is in no form affiliated with the Government and is not controlled or directed by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Most of these Nigerian Private Universities were set up about a few decades ago and as such possess a number of advantages over the public universities. A few of them are:

  1. Ease of Admission: This is basically the major advantage of an average nigerian private university and why a couple of students prefer attending a private school as against the public universities. During admission periods, there is always relatively low competition when seeking admission to a private university and the cutoff mark for JAMB scores released by private universities is 180 which is usually lower than that of public universities since most of them set theirs at 200.



  1. They possess modern facilities: This one of the foremost advantages of private universities and is also really true. Since these universities were recently set up, most of them tend to have been built with modern equipment and facilities to make them look glamorous. Asides from that, these universities have modern funding which enables them to be able to purchase or acquire modern laboratory equipment, nice and well-furnished structures, classrooms, laboratories, hostels, etc.


  1. Duration of course of study is fixed and certain: Unlike the Public universities, duration of stay on a private university is always unchanged. Except for cases where a student commits an offence and is either suspended or rusticated, if the duration of a course is stated as four years, the four years can never change because they have a smooth and steady calendar unlike public universities where strikes, protests, etc could disrupt the normal and smooth running of a school’s academic calendar.


  1. Security: Security is guaranteed in private universities as against public universities. This is due to the fact that most private universities have hostels enough to accommodate all students thereby all students are required to live on campus with the school ensuring tight security for the students. Also, with little or no cultist activities due to curfews imposed on students as to when to return to the hostels, students feel safe to move on campus anytime they feel like without fear of being maimed, hurt, robbed or raped.


  1. Comfortable life: Students in private universities live a comfortable and stress free life compared to the students of public universities. A student in a private university lives in a room where there is good ventilation, no over crowdedness, a toilet and bathroom with running water, steady power supply and possibly free Wi-Fi. He/she also receives lectures in comfortable lecture rooms and audible speakers. But in a public university, a student has to hustle for water to bathe, queue up in the bathroom to bathe, wear his/her wrinkled clothes in cases where there’s no power supply, has to hustle for space in class or probably end up standing or squatting and might not end up hearing what the lecturer is teaching due to ineffective PA systems or speakers.



So, there you have it, some of the advantages private universities have over public universities. Just in case you have more, kindly drop them in the comment box below. Thanks

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