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Advantages of Studying in a Nigerian Public University

Advantages of studying in a Nigerian Public University.

A Public University is a University Institution owned by the Federal or State Government of a country or state. Not to bore you with too much story, let me go straight to the advantages of studying in a Nigerian Public University.

  1. You learn from the best: Undoubtedly, public universities possess a high number of Professors, Doctors and people or at best lecturers highly trained in their respective fields and are empowered to the brim to deliver the best and undiluted knowledge as regards the courses they lecture on. Asides the knowledge gotten from them in terms of academics, many of them have been through so many phases in life and are in full capacity to give advice in any field or situation they have once been in.


  1. You meet different individuals: Unlike private universities where for one, they aren’t as much as the students in the school compared to a public university, most of the students in private universities are often from rich homes and tend to possess similar characteristics. However, in a public university, you meet students from different spheres of life. The rich, the poor, the hustler, the middle-class student and so on. Meeting, relating and interacting with different kinds of people help you learn new things about life, people, etc and also helps you learn new things.



  1. Live a life of freedom: Only public universities give rules that help shape students to live like adults. Although there are some restrictions, but still, these rules respect students and give them the necessary discipline to live as an adult in the real world. Again, private universities impose strict and childish rules on their students in my own opinion. Ranging from “opposite sexes are not to be seen together in secluded areas” to having “lights out” to having “specific times for breakfast, lunch and dinner” and so on. All these are totally uncalled for and to me, rules meant for secondary school students.


  1. Possibilities of running other ventures while in school: Yes! In a public university, nothing stops you from running other ventures while in school. Public universities allow students to run businesses even while on campus. All that is needed is to just get permission to set up a kiosk and probably pay some little dues and that’s it. Your little business is set up to earn you some little money to pay your fees, buy some books and even get some new stuff to put on. In private universities, this is out rightly forbidden.


  1. Preference will be earned over private university graduates: True to this, and from various testimonies I have heard mostly from graduates especially when job hunting, public university graduates are most times more preferred for jobs over private university graduates. This is due to the high standard and reputation public universities have built over the years and the rigorous training and condition of learning public universities graduates go through while in school. And this is not just fallacy, most public university graduates are often “hot cake” in the labour market.



So, there you have it… Just few of the many advantages of studying in a public university. Kindly drop your thoughts, corrections, constructive criticisms in the comment box below and don’t forget to share. Thanks

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