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Advantages of Leaving a Polytechnic for a University

As we all know, in the Nigerian society, the polytechnic is seemingly {or maybe truly} inferior to the university. People when applying for admission into a higher institution place their hopes mostly on the university. A very minute few place priority on any polytechnic at all. The only time they pay for the admission form of the polytechnic chosen is after all hopes of getting admission into the university have been dashed. Even after gaining admission, they still try to find a way to get into the university by all means.  This could be achieved by either by reapplying for JAMB or completing the Ordinary National Diploma levels and applying to a choice university through direct entry. Here, we’ll talk about the advantages associated with successfully transiting from a polytechnic to a university.

  1. It improves your position in the job competition race

It’s not news that most job vacancies in Nigeria hardly require their application to be Higher National Diploma or Ordinary National Diploma graduates. This is a result of the supposed superiority of the Bachelor degree to that of the Diploma. Usually, HND graduates don’t stand a chance with university graduates even if they are better than them. This could be understandable as sometimes, companies look to increase their reputation by boasting of housing top university graduates. I once had a friend that spent five years searching for a good paying job all to no avail despite graduating with a quite strong CGPA. He then realized he had to step up his game, enrolled into a university, graduated with a second class upper {a 3 pointer CGPA to be specific} and in under a year got a job. He still maintains that he regretted wasting his years studying at a polytechnic.

  1. It improves Theoretical Knowledge

Most of us know the area where polytechnic students stand out is when it comes to practical. However, a few believe that the knowledge of theory trumps practical knowledge. When a polytechnic OND {or HND} graduate gains admission to the university, such a person’s theoretical knowledge highly increases. This in turn gives them the upper hand over a university graduate when applying for jobs. We all know universities concentrate mostly on teaching students’ theory and the only time the student has to practice what he has been taught properly is during the compulsory Industrial Training period. The combination of proper theory and practical is also very useful in everyday life.

  1. Different Campus Experience

It’s widely known that the university campus is always bigger than that of a polytechnic. The spacious halls are conducive for learning, the beautiful environment has the ability to make one happy about coming to school each day. There’s also the factor of being in a large environment thereby ultimately giving a brand new experience. We all know how the saying goes… Experience is the best teacher.

  1. The disappearance of the ‘Polytechnic Graduate’ tag

We all know we are in a society where polytechnic graduates are looked down on. It might be incredulous to know that this bothers a lot of people who have intentions of applying to a polytechnic or already are in one. The society believes that the best of the best in polytechnics are only equal to the average studious university undergraduate.


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