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Advantages of Joining Paramilitary Organizations In School

There are different healthy organizations one can join in school and one of them is the paramilitary group. There are different types of groups like these and they include {but not limited to} the Man O’War, The Army Cadet Corps, The Safety Cadet Corps and The Naval Cadet Corps. They all have different levels of hierarchy and training. They are established to protect students from all forms of external attacks. This, they achieve by regular training a step higher than the normal civilian training. The hierarchy is quite similar to that of the military in some areas and sometimes their training is handled by soldiers. They are affiliated with barracks closest to the school’s perimeter. They assist in supplying the official school authority with information as the organization is mainly made up of students in the institution. Here, I want to discuss with you the advantages of joining paramilitary organizations in school.

  1. Confraternities Disturbing You To Join Them Leave You Alone

We know in our universities and polytechnics, there are a menace of cults that do not benefit us in any way. Sometimes the members of these numerous cults disturb what they call ‘potential’ members to join them. Most at times, these students succumb to the pressure and join these cults because they have been misinformed that no one can help them. This isn’t true. Once you become an ‘intending officer’ in any of these paramilitary organizations, they cannot in any way touch you. This mostly stems from the truthful fear of being carted away by soldiers residing in the barracks which the group is affiliated to. This has been observed in so many cases.

  1. Furthering of Your Military Career

Some students gain admission to schools just to qualify for the requirements of the Army. I cannot specifically remember the requirements but I have friends who proceeded to the soldiers’ recruitment training after 100 level and are now recruits in the Nigerian Army. Most of them were in the Man O’War group and a few were in The Army Cadet Corps. The training, the knowledge of the hierarchy and the parade performance received as paramilitary members prepares them for the life ahead.


  1. Makes You Physically Fit To Handle Any Form of Trouble

At times, there is trouble in our campuses. And as such we may require the necessary strength and agility to handle the situation. Take for example, a case where robbers are approaching from a direction shooting sporadically. Training receives allows you to run faster and think well at same time while keeping panic level to the barest minimum. When I was in the Army Cadet Corps, I was taught how to handle distress by the numerous forms of training given to me and my brothers.

  1. You Automatically Qualify As An NYSC Platoon Leader

Last last, if you run away from engaging in any form of paramilitary activity, it will still catch up with you during NYSC. Soldiers will even be the ones to aid in your training this time. With prior parade knowledge, you become one of the most qualified candidates to lead your platoon in the three-week NYSC orientation camping. And we all know being a platoon leader has its advantages. You don’t need me to tell you


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