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Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Distance learning is a form of educational institution designed for students who do not have the luxury or opportunity to be present physically in school. Open universities and E-learning are two typical examples of distance learning. With that being said, the main purpose of this article is to give strong and indepth insight into distance learning, its advantages and disadvantages for prospective and current ‘distance learners’.

Advantages of Distance Learning

  1. It gives room for flexible learning

This is the most obvious advantage of this form of learning is the breathing space and freedom it gives while learning. Students who are after an online degree can combine education with their work successfully. Anyone can also pursue two online degrees at a time. Clashing of schedules can be avoided as education doesn’t have to affect personal life. The demands of this type of learning are not excessive.

  1. It allows for same quality of education at lower cost

Most of the courses offered at a campus are also offered to distance learning students. However, the cost of learning for distance learning students is lower. A big factor that contributes to that is the fact that the cost of maintaining facilities on campus grounds doesn’t fall on distance learners.


  1. It allows for self-motivation

Due to the unavailability of a teacher or lecturer, the distance learner tends to motivate oneself. This stems from the fact that learning is under your control.

Disadvantages of distance learning

  1. Little to No Presence of a Teacher

Considered by many as the biggest advantage of this form of learning. Everyone has different learning methods and capacities. Some, cannot just easily grab the concept of a subject matter without aid. This is largely unfavourable to their learning process. Mostly, distance learning is encouraging to those who can manage independent learning. Many at times this can lead to lack of motivation to study.

  1. Lack of On-Campus Learning

Not being on campus while learning can give you a feeling that you aren’t learning at all. It doesn’t generate the campus spirit.

  • Some Nigerian universities that offer distance learning courses include University of Nigeria, Nsukka {UNN}, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife {OAU}, University of Ibadan {UI}, University of Maiduguri {UNIMAID}, University of Benin {UNIBEN} and Nigerian Open universities.


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