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10 things common with rich people…

Recently, I sat down thinking about how these very rich people act and I begin to wonder, why do they behave this way? Do they do it on purpose, or for show off or its their lifestyle?

Quickly, lets get down to these things:

1) At occasions, they never finish their food or drink: Many at times, these rich people after they have been served nice and sumptious looking meals, they end up leaving a whole piece of meat untouched and virtually half of the rice left on the plate when one random nigg is sitting somewhere starving and has not been served.

2) They never fill their cup with drink: Be it wine o, juice o, spirit or beer.. their glasses are never filled. Worst of all, they sip the drink and the quantity they take to their mouth wont be more than one teaspoonful. And same as above, if they were to be in an occasion, they would never finish that drink.

3) They are almost always late to occasions too: This one is not all the time, but except it is an award ceremony or an occasion where they can be penalized or scolded for coming late, they would be among the last set of people to get there. Especially relatives’ parties.

4) They love reading newspapers: This one is exclusive to the men. Even though they have TV at home, PC in the office and maybe a smartphone, they just cannot do without their newspapers. They read it virtually everyday and barely use e-news.

5) They love nature: Check their houses, most of them are always eco-friendly. Some have mini-zoos, lots of trees, gardens… Some even have ponds in their compounds. Whenever they’re on holiday, they go to calm and cool private islands where they can chill and enjoy the fresh air of the sea, the beauty of the island and swim in ‘un-chlorinated’ water.

6) For each meal of the day, they cook different foods: Everytime they eat… Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. They can cook Eba, Rice, Semo and have different kinds of soups. I now begin to wonder, even though they will eat just one type of food and leave the rest. Will they end up pouring away the remaining food nii and cook another for a different period?

7) Their children barely listen to Nigerian Music or watch Nollywood: This one happens by default. Some of them don’t even like Nigerian music and movies let alone listen to or watch them. Thank God for Trace, MTV Base, Mnet Series and Action that DSTV brought….All they listen to or watch are Foreign music and movies especially American.

8) Their children have accents: Whether their kids school in Nigeria or Abroad, those rich kids always have accents. Me, I kuku can’t tell which is British or American, all I know is that those rich kids always speak refined and class English. Always the type those ‘oyinbo’ people speak.

9) Their children don’t keep up with the craze of the town: This one is truly true for those extremely rich kids. Even if its original Versace shirt, customized Alobam shirts sef you would never see them wear it. When they go out, they dress simple but those dresses on them….. Can pay one’s fees.

10) Feel free to add yours

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